As suspected, it was another 90 minutes of surprise. I will share a secret with you, I do actually have a sort of script before launching into these programs. I know it will get derailed, and that is fine. Live radio is just that, ‘live’. You never know what is going to happen.

As we approach the 6 month disappearance, and also the 6th birthday of Haleigh Cummings, we sit back and reflect. Where is this little girl? Is she still with us? Or has she moved on to a better place? The months of knowing little have created a news vacuum, yet there are many, eager and willing, to spout out rubbish in the process of seeking fame and fortune.

The Internet has created somewhat of a news monster. Suddenly all you need is a computer and a stupid idea and ‘you got news.’

Much of today’s program was taken up with this concept, a huge waste of time, but, I am sure it will keep the bloggers busy for a couple of hours. One idiot in particular, I cannot remember his name, something like Itsy, bitsy, or spider. This idiot had the gall to ask about responsible journalism! As best I can tell he runs a secretive little chat room, has no clue what is actually happening in the case, yet has the balls to ask about responsible journalism! Get a job bud, get a life.

Another blogger from another site, owned by someone I do admire for his past achievements, called in, not so much with a question, but more a Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) statement. That went down like a sack of hammers. No offense to the blogger but we do not do Unabomber type manifesto’s.

With all of this nonsense swirling around, it obviously ate up some valuable air time. If these numbskull’s had stayed away, there was some great information to be had. Itsy, Bitsy, Spider if you call in again, can you try and stay on track? It’s a missing child, it is not some self made crusade!

Is there something that we are missing? I thought the challenge was to find the little girl? Maybe I missed something?

Maybe if these armchair experts put their efforts into finding Haleigh Cummings rather than this huge online irritation, we might be able to move the case forward?

What did we learn today? Actually quite a lot, and we would have learned a great deal more without the help of certain organizations!

We had a guest call in, I was not expecting it. A man that has a considerable amount of great information. Of course, little time was available to let him talk because of the idiocy. But I am hoping that he will return next week.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon Barrett

Addendum: I do apologize for being a little testy today, everyone has their breaking point. It was clearly wrong of me to tell a caller to ‘shut up’, in fact in the many months that we have run this show, I can only recall one other time when a panelist said such a thing, oh, and that was Art. He was hot under the collar that day. So folks, all I can say is that it happens to the best of us.

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