We will be running our regular News In Review show on Blog Talk Radio. While the Putnam County Police are loathe to share some of their information there are still lots of developments that need to be explored, and we have just the panel to do that exploration.

I am hoping that we will have our now pretty regular panel of Jan Barrett, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, TJ Hart, Art Harris, and William “Cobra” Staubs. In other words we have everyone outside of Law Enforcement that is active in this investigation.

Actually I heard a rumor a few days ago, apparently our show is quite the ‘must listen to’ for Putnam County Law Enforcement. Welcome to you all, maybe call in, we would love to talk with you.

Last weeks program provoked a good deal of discussion, and I have a feeling that this week will also have a few firecrackers.

As we reach the 4 month mark that Haleigh has been missing it is informative to take a step back and listen to what people have said in the past, and what they are now saying today.

The always talkative and some might say manipulative attorney Kim Picazio representing Haleigh’s biological mother Crystal Sheffield clearly has an agenda. If you look back at her activities over the past 4 months they have little to do with locating Haleigh, but lots to do with a custody battle over Ronald JR.

For Ms. Picazio, Ronald Jr. is the prize. Of course that prize is somewhat elusive as there are few that buy into the idea that Sheffield could provide a more stable environment than the one he is currently in.

The major bug bear for Ms. Picazio is the press, who just won’t let the case drop, and our good friend Cobra Staubs.  Obviously as long as Cobra is doing his bull in a china shop act, there is news to report. It is my feeling that Cobra was becoming a real stumbling block to her agenda, and that is the primary cause of the friction between the two of them.

Actually everyone has an agenda, and I can speak for BNN, and mostly likely the rest of the people involved, our agenda is to find Haleigh. If we can find Haleigh, then we have done our job, and we have done it well.

Tune in on Sunday, it should be a great show. Just show up on Sunday, point your browser at www.blogtalkradio.com  a few minutes before 3pm Central, and the link to the show will be on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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