Satsuma, Florida- In six days Haleigh Cummings will be missing for four months. What happened to the goal of finding the truth in the Haleigh Cummings disappearance? Where did she go? What happened to her search effort? Is it in the hands of the ever so quiet law enforcement investigation team? Is it in the hands of the foundations, and organizations handing out t-shirts, fliers, and rubber bracelets? Who is out there stomping in doors and rattling cages? There was once a quest to find Haleigh Cummings, to discover the truth in her mysterious abduction, that seems to have been long and forgotten, replaced by nonsense, tabloid, smut filled drama at the hands of lawyers, attorneys or anyone who can get there agenda heard. Trying there cause in a public forum such as blogs, chats, radio etc. Its pathetic that these vultures have smeared Haleigh’s search with such trash. It has become a joke, a circus with evil, vile ringmasters, spewing their venom all across the nation far and wide. The internet is a resourceful tool for some but a cancer for others. Through the internet, Haleigh’s search effort has been turned into trash no good trash with nothing but filth and self righteous agenda’s running rampant.

Haleigh is out there missing, does anyone remember that? How can they take this case and turn it into a custody battle with more slander, drama, and accusations. This is not a custody case this is a missing child case. Haleigh was abducted, she disappeared off the face of the earth. Why does it matter if her mother wants custody of the other child? How does that bare any relevance to the search and rescue of Haleigh Cummings? It doesn’t not one bit, how does what one person does with another bare any relevance to her search effort? How does what she said about him and he said about her bare any relevance to the search?  It does not, not in my opinion anyhow. Tossing the one man in jail who was out rattling them cages and stomping in them doors doesn’t really help much either, that’s just my opinion though.

This disappearance has gone silent, nothing to do about Haleigh. The only noise heard is the tabloid drama that has become the Haleigh Cumming’s search effort. It drives me up a wall that the only updates I receive from Satsuma are full of smut, gossip, and trash. At no fault to my source of course. Pure garbage, nothing about Haleigh all self serving rumors and agenda’s. People need to wake up, snap back to reality this isn’t a custody case, or a he said she said rumor mill, this is a missing child case, Haleigh is missing. All of this trash is not bringing her home. There is no validity to any of it, its all pure filth. I am angry over what has become of this search, I am tired and worn down now. Haleigh is not a smut filled rumor mill. Haleigh is a child, a small child, who was abducted, she is not a platform for self righteous agenda’s and self serving purposes. Her disappearance is not a custody battle, or a he said she said war of words. This child is missing, I am enraged at what has become of my girls disappearance. Whats more disgusting is professionals, supposed educated people are the ones doing all of this, people who are suppose to be advocating her safe return, would rather turn her search into there own platform for there causes. Causes of side show, and slander. Nothing but hot air none of which has the first to do with finding Haleigh. It is an obscene display of rights, what these so called professionals are doing to this search. They should all be ashamed of themselves, instead of walking around like a bunch of amped up peacocks.

Haleigh has been forgotten by the ones who are suppose to be out there fighting the hardest to locate her. There own agendas are crystal clear it does not take a rocket scientist to put it together, the agendas of the people involved in this drama that has become the Haleigh Cummings disappearance. Search efforts have seem to gone cold, where are the tips, and the sightings? Where is Haleigh Cummings?

Haleigh is five years old. She has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, she weighs around thirty nine pounds and is about three feet tall. She may be disguised, please contact Putnam County Sheriffs with any information (386) 329-0800. Thank you.

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