On Monday morning Misty Croslin, the last person to see missing Haleigh Cummings was back in court on the unrelated, yet very related drug trafficking charges. Her plea of No Contest to the seven charges places her at the mercy of the court. The worst case scenario based on minimum mandatory sentencing guidelines is that she could face a daunting 89 years behind bars!

Following the court appearance we had the opportunity to talk with someone that was present at the hearing:

Misty was dressed in prison garb and shackled, her head hung low and looked completely defeated. This was a very far cry from the defiant young lady that we have seen in the past.

Even if all sentences are permitted to be served concurrently she still faces 25 years of incarceration. However even with this ‘best case scenario’ she still has another hurdle. To the best of my knowledge she is due in St Johns County tomorrow to face yet another Trafficking charge with a minimum mandatory of 25 years. Doing some sample math, 25 + 25 = 50.

There is one rabbit that her attorney can pull out of the hat, he has a ‘one shot’ at applying the Youthful Offender defense. Th 89 years could be reduced to a more manageable 6 years. However with the St Johns charges the total still comes to a very daunting 31 years.

The judge today set an October 19 pre-sentencing hearing, however he also explained that the hearing likely would not occur on that particular date. Attorney Fields has asked for a three hour time slot for this hearing. Almost certainly this will be to play the Youthful Offender card.

Also in court tomorrow will be Hank and Lisa Croslin on their own drug charges. It is possible that charges against Lisa Croslin may be dropped or reduced. That in itself creates an interesting dynamic. Lisa already faces some fines on other charges, she has no job, no home, and really no place to go if released. It might be a better strategy to opt to remain in jail and ‘work off’ the fines.

BNN is hoping to have observers in court for both events tomorrow and so we should have eyewitness accounts.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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