Tuesday saw Misty Croslin back in court, this time in St. Augustine. This was to face yet another drug trafficking charge, one that carries a 25 year mandatory minimum. Her plea of Nolo should come as no surprise. However that is not to say that the hearing did not have its fair share of surprises.

The biggest surprise is that the pre-sentence hearing has been set for October/9 and will be held IN CONJUNCTION with the Putnam County charges that she plead to yesterday. This ‘joining’ of the two cases opens an interesting door. Does this mean that attorney Fields can now play his Youthful Offender card and have it stick across both cases? Could Misty Croslin score a measly six years and walk away from these charges spending far less jail time than her accomplices?

The second surprise was to be found in the audience. In attendance were both Crystal Sheffield, her mother Marie Griffis and another unknown female. Our observer who was in the court room told us that throughout the hearing Crystal looked distinctly nervous, wringing her hands, and tapping her feet.

I find it somewhat curious that the Sheffield’s did not attend the recent vigil for missing Haleigh Cummings, yet would turn up for for Misty Croslin’s court appearance in a case completely unrelated to the search for Haleigh Cummings.

We are still waiting for a report on the court appearances of Hank and Lisa Croslin. We will bring you an update as soon as we have it.

Simon Barrett

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