Satsuma, Florida- It has come to my attention that Ronald Cummings has made a video and put it on The website that belongs to his lawyer T. Jerry Snider. It is an emotional plea made by Ron for the safe return of his daughter. Ron spoke to the public asking them to not give up, to please keep calling tips in. He asked that someone please call in that critical tip that will bring her home. He told Haleigh if your watching baby I love you, we’re still looking for you. Ron also plead with whoever is holding Haleigh captive to please bring her home, please bring her home safe. It was a very heart wrenching video to watch.

Personally I don’t see how anyone could have a problem with Ron going publicly and pleading for his daughters return. I for one am excited to see this. There is so much drama and tabloid garbage that has engulfed Haleigh’s disappearance. I am elated and relieved to see and hear Ron coming out to not only speak to those who have Haleigh or the public but to send a message to his daughter. Thats what stood out to me the most, Haleigh if your watching baby I love you, we’re still looking for you. He could of said a thousand things in that video and the only thing I would of heard was his message to his girl. I find it hard to be angry with Ron or Crystal. I know that maybe Haleigh could of been under a better eye. None the less she is missing they are the parents of a missing child. It has to be hard for them. To wake up and have meals with her empty seat every day and night. To have to look at her toothbrush or pillow, her favorite tv show when it comes on. It breaks my heart to think of how much they are missing her.

To hear her grandmother talk about her baby and how much she misses her. I think about her little brother Jr. how he must miss his sissy. Just to play with her and keep him company to help him understand. Poor Jr. has to be without his beloved sissy, breaks my heart into pieces. How he must wonder about her, of course to young to understand what it all means sissy is missing. To young to put it all together just wonders where she is? When is she coming back to play with me. Poor Jr. poor Haleigh, her family in such pain and agony over her being gone. I commend Ron for coming out and asking for her return. Pleading with the public to not give up, most of all I commend him for talking to Haleigh, honestly thats the most important thing he could of done in my opinion anyhow. Of course the tips and the calls and the searching asked for by him to the public matters but that message just for Haleigh speaks volumes to me. He loves his girl. Come hell or high water he loves her and wants her home.

I have heard and read many different things that are revolving around Haleigh’s disappearance, I have seen a cast of characters that gives me a splitting headache. I have looked into the eyes of bad choices through the decisions of the characters that seem to be surrounding Haleigh’s disappearance. To say the least its heart breaking. To think that Haleigh was mixed up in any is bad enough. Its nice to see Ron putting a message out to his child. I have been praying for something to break and well this is just fine with me. Id rather hear her family pleading for her return then more of the mud that is stirred up any other day regarding Haleigh. It may not be the break everyone has been hoping for but it is nice to hear her father lift his voice and ask for her return.

Haleigh is five years old she has blonde hair and brown eyes she has a birthmark on her left cheek , she weighs thirty nine pounds and is three feet tall. She may be disquised, please if you have any information you are asked to please call Putnam County Sheriff Office at (386) 329-0800 , or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477)

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