Satsuma, Florida- Haleigh Cummings has been missing for over four months. What are the chances she is still alive? Statistics say slim to none. There is a revolving door of unanswered questions, quite possibly never to be answered. Where are the ground searches? Where is the media attention she so rightly deserves? Who is out there searching for Haleigh? Very few stand at this crossroad pining for her still, enduring its unforgiveness. Giving up is an option I am not willing to accept. Longing for Haleigh has become an empty pit of heartache and pain with no relief in sight. Who is out there for Haleigh now?
Deep down in the core of the garbage that has consumed her disappearance, there is still a missing child. Who seems to have been forgotten. Her angelic face burned into my mind, and branded into my heart. She is always there as a constant reminder of our failure to her, we have all let her down in one form or another. Even those closest to her who are suppose to care the most have failed. She has been twisted into a smut filled, tabloid, he said, she said circus full of venom, slander, lies, and rumor. Pathetic and weak is what it has become. With no thanks to lawyers involved in the mix, her search has been shifted into an irrelevant custody battle that holds no validity in her search.
They call themselves professionals, these lawyers, the ones who feel the need to shift attention from Haleigh’s search effort to their own causes of nonsense. While I’m sure they hold plenty of degrees and certificates to prove their qualities, their actions degrade their worth. More of a shame is these lawyers have taking the attention off of this missing child to direct it on their own self righteous agendas. These lawyers truly are her Achilles heel, more concerned with their own agendas then continuing the search for this child.
Haleigh Cummings is not a custody battle, nor is she a platform to spew gossip, hate, and rumors. Does anyone remember Haleigh is still out there missing? It has been previously reported the need of assistance from a cadaver dog. My heart sinks deep within my soul at the mere thought that a cadaver dog needs to be called in. It turns my stomach, tears form in my eyes, devastation has taken over destroying everything in its path.
There has been quite the ripple in the mud puddle concerning Crystal Sheffield’s lawyer Kim Picazio, seems Mrs. Picazio has been sucking up some unwanted attention from us here in the press. Some of the attention she has received from us appears to not shed her in such a positive light. I for one think her professionalism was left at her home when she blew into town. She is the one shifting attention from Haleigh’s search to a custody battle
over Haleigh’s younger brother Jr. Cummings. To me it seems Mrs. Picazio would rather be out using her time and resources to find Haleigh not polluting an already garbage ridden drama. It’s my opinion that Kim Picazio needs to back off of us here in the press, we all stick by one another. I would think it would behoove Mrs. Picazio to play nice with those of us in the press covering Haleigh’s disappearance.
Haleigh Cummings is a five year old girl, she has curly blonde hair, and brown eyes. She weighs around thirty nine pounds and is about three feet tall. She has a birthmark on her left cheek. Haleigh has been missing long enough for her appearance to change, children grow fast. She may be disguised. Haleigh has a medical condition that requires regular treatment, she also has a breathing issue that requires aid of a breathing machine. If anyone reading this has any information regarding  Haleigh Cummings, we urge you please don’t wait to contact Putnam County Sheriffs immediately at 386-329-0800. Thank you, Haleigh needs all the positive attention she can get.   

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