Satsuma, Florida-  What webs we weave I like to say, in the midst of the search effort for my girl Haleigh we have stumbled upon a brier patch. At the bottom of the thorns is quick sand. There are side shows going on around this investigation that is enough to make you ill. I am most concerned with the Anthony’s and their insistence on becoming support for Haleigh’s search, its a horrendous idea to allow people who don’t have the first clue on searching and recovering anything to support the search of a missing child. Where are their credentials for all of this? Does that fancy low grade bass boat make them qualified enough, is it the ATV that makes them qualified to search for a missing child? I haven’t seen one thing that qualifies them to be out searching for a needle in a haystack. Give me a break, and they want to extend support to Haleigh’s search. It blows my mind, Haleigh’s image should not be for use by the Anthony’s or any of their cohorts. Haleigh is much to fragile and unstable to be preyed upon by the Anthony’s, why? What is their purpose for wanting to swoop in suddenly and be Haleigh’s saving grace. Makes me want to vomit, sorry to be so brash but its the truth, just the thought of them supporting Haleigh’s search in anyway makes me ill. They are not in anyway qualified to be involved or lend their support to Haleigh’s search. There has been many tail feathers ruffled at a connection I made between them and Michelle Bart with her Never Lose Hope Foundation, it was only at the time in regards to the vigil held Sunday night in Florida where Haleigh’s mother, Crystal and grandmother Marie Griffis were in attendance.

It was all over the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation website, it was all over the Caylee Marie Anthony Myspace page, I have sources who received the same lay out of the event in email that was on the CMAF website. They invited themselves Michelle and NLHF foundation had no clue they was crashing the party, I don’t believe it. All one needs to do is read the internet to see and connect the dots, there is much side shows and drama saturating Haleigh’s disappearance its unbelievable, this bothers me. Haleigh does not need these people in her corner. She does not need people who are willing to lie regardless of consequence and effects. The Anthony’s to this very day this second accuse the fantasy Nanny Z. the perfect 10 woman, rich in cars and homes as being Caylee’s killer. How can they be of any support to Haleigh? Her disappearance is not in any way shape of form like Caylee’s murder, Caylee was murdered by her mother. What are they going to do for Haleigh print fliers, make t-shirts, sit at a display and finger print children and give out water while others search for her on foot in the swamps and woods? Maybe sale some rubber bracelets? I don’t see how them sitting at a display booth or on a bass fishing boat is going to help find Haleigh. What more do they have to offer then anyone else out searching for Haleigh? Cobra for example, makes me giggle, besides law enforcement I would take Cobra out searching for my missing child over the Anthony’s or Michelle Bart any day. He has the credentials and the experience in investigating, searching and recovering people. He is more qualified then either of those organizations put together to be out searching for a missing child. Haleigh needs him on her side, not “foundations” to hand out water and fliers or to sell t-shirts and bracelets. She needs folks pounding the pavement, rattling cages, shaken things up. Not sitting in the sun doing nothing but spitting in the wind. Efforts that create a tsunami not cloud the pool, I have seen more from Cobra then anyone out there looking for her. I am not in any way putting law enforcement investigators down they just are keeping their investigation to themselves, its understandable, but as a reporter I have to have other sources for my information and I have credible sources regardless of what some may think. I would trust my sources over any person any time, no matter who tells me “I am the source”.

I don’t know where the dots begin or where they might possibly end, I have only connected a couple, I get the feeling the dots could be like the stars in the sky, the only one I am concerned with is the Anthony’s and their foundation supporting my girl Haleigh’s search, all the others can piss up a rope as far as I care. People can come at me and try to change my mind, and try and force me to  admit a wrong I will not, I do not think the Anthony’s and their foundation and all that follow behind them like a pack of vultures need to be supporting Haleigh’s search. It boils my blood to think of Haleigh being plastered up on their billboards. They support a child killer, they wear their flags of support whenever in the media eye, the green shamrock pin, Cindy wears it every time she is on the television. That is her support of her daughter the child killer Casey Anthony. I don’t support child killers myself. The tie that binds I suppose, but where does the delusion and deceit end and the truth of the reality begin, when does one wake up and smell the roses, and say wow I can see clearly now? When does Caylee’s family take up her fight, and defend her to her killer? I doubt that is ever going to be achieved. Cover your own backsides is the way I see it. How can people so obviously covering up the murder of a child be fit to be out searching for any child, let alone Haleigh? Can’t accept it I just can’t. I see this from a bad lowly view, the support they want to extend to Haleigh’s search, its a terrible position to see it from. Only bad can come of their support and involvement in Haleigh’s search. I will write about it as long as there is the chance of them being involved or as long as they are if they do end up supporting Haleigh’s search. I am in this for Haleigh and her best interest, I am here for Haleigh to keep her in the know to pine for her and wait burning in that big empty desert at her crossroad. Haleigh come home, I stand with baited breath for her. If anyone thinks I will let this go and just lay down and take the Anthony’s and their foundation weaseling their way into Haleigh’s search they are wrong. I will not, I can’t its a poor choice. Haleigh doesn’t need that type of attention, it is without a doubt going to make a bigger mess then what it has turned out to be.

Haleigh is a five year old girl she has blonde hair and brown eyes, she may be disguised she is around three feet tall and weighs about thirty nine pounds. I say around and about because she has been gone long enough to grow. She has a birthmark on her left cheek. Please call Putnam County Sheriffs at (386) 329-0800 if you have any information about her. God bless you Haleigh Cummings.

Please if you would like to donate in the search effort for Haleigh Cummings do so at:

Any Sun Trust Bank and donate to “Case Closed Inc.” c/o William Staubs.


2)Send an encouraging letter with small donation to:

Case Closed/William Staubs

PO BOX 267967
Weston, FL

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