Satsuma Florida- Haleigh has been missing for a long time now. Statistically they say that children who are missing this long are most likely deceased. I hope that this isn’t the case with poor Haleigh. She is an adorable little girl with brown eyes and blonde hair. She goes to school and loves her little brother Jr. and her family. In turn they all love her. They all want to see her come home. Allegations and accusations have been flying around in the days since she disappeared. Sometimes one has to wonder do any of them have anything to do with her disappearance.

The most perplexing of them all is the inconsistency of Misty, Haleigh’s stepmother. She has yet to give a solid account or time frame of the events leading up to the disappearance of this small child. It seems Misty is the key to finding out what happened to Haleigh whether she is directly linked to her disappearance or not. I would hope for the sake of the child Misty would be as forth coming as possible  with any and all information regarding the night leading up to Haleigh’s disappearance. There has been many reports revolving around Misty and her truthfulness regarding the night Haleigh disappeared. There have been questions about if she was home, was there someone with her. It seems fitting that she be questioned so fiercely considering she is the last person to have contact with Haleigh. There are reports around that she has even declined reenacting the night leading up to the disappearance. I have to wonder is any of this true. Does any of this have anything to do with the investigation. Or is it just more noise to cloud an already very murky situation.

I would think that with the numerous polygraphs and countless interviews law enforcement investigators have come close or fully created a time line for there investigation. It seems though they have yet to accomplish that  goal. Is Haleigh being forgotten in all of this noise surrounding her and her disappearance. Honestly what is all the need for this? Now there is a bounty hunter involved and lawyers and spokespersons. Is any of this going to bring Haleigh home? Will even the recollection from her stepmother bring her home? I often wonder if someone became grotesquely in love with Haleigh. If someone had been watching her preying on her. Did they know when the house was the most vulnerable. Did they case her unknown to even her father and stepmother. Had someone become obsessed with Haleigh. She is a beautiful child. All of the pictures I have seen of her she is clean and well groomed she looks happy with her big smiles and apple cheeks. Is it possible someone wanted Haleigh for there own sick perverse reasons? Its hard to think of that type of scenario mostly because if thats the case would she be alive still today? Still I have to wonder. By some chance will she come home?

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Haleigh or her abduction please call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) or Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800.

Haleigh is a five year old girl she is 3 feet tall and weighs 39 pounds she has blonde hair and brown eyes. She also has a birthmark on her left cheek. The reward for her return is around $35,000. Please if anyone reading this has any information about her please don’t hesitate to call. Haleigh needs someone to come forward with the truth. Someone out there knows where she is. Alive or I hate to say deceased someone knows. Let her family have her back. She is not property she is a living breathing human. Someone knows where she is. She needs that person to come forward, her family needs it. They miss her very dearly.

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