Satsuma Florida- Haleigh Cummings is a five year old girl who disappeared out of her fathers home in Satsuma Florida. Her younger brother Jr. told his and Haleigh’s mother that “a man in black took Haleigh”. The last person to have contact with Haleigh before she disappeared has been questioned multiple times about what transpired before Haleigh disappeared. All of the adults in Haleigh’s immediate life have been questioned and polygraphed. They have all given DNA also. Investigators have yet to disclose on those results or any other information. Investigators sought the services of several cadaver dogs from South Georgia to aid in the search and recovery of Haleigh. They searched under trailer panels,porches,and thick woods. Cadaver dogs alerted to a scent in a construction dumpster. Investigators hauled in a separate empty dumpster to go through the one which the dog alerted to piece by piece. At the end of the search of that dumpster they said that it wasn’t related to Haleigh.

Investigators told Haleigh’s grandmother that they “have no clues”. So Haleigh just up and vanished like a fart in the wind. The last person to have contact with Haleigh says that she was in bed sleeping when Haleigh was abducted. The beds are only three, three and a half feet apart. Her fathers girlfriend was the last person to have contact with Haleigh. She awoke to use the toilet and realized the kitchen light was on and the back door was open with the screen door propped open with bricks. She says the light was off and door locked when she went to bed.

Haleigh vanished off the face of the earth? Was someone obsessing over Haleigh secretly? Had someone been watching her and her family’s routine? Her home life? Was Haleigh easy prey? They tracked her scent directly after her disappearance with blood hounds. Her scent led them to a pond, the woods,and railroad tracks. Once Haleigh had wandered off at her grandmothers house and ended up face down in a culver with water. When her mother found her she required resuscitation . Was Haleigh a wanderer? Did it make her easy prey? Her house was virtually unprotected from 3 pm to 3 am. Only a seventeen year old girl to keep guard of the home and children. Haleigh disappeared from a low income trailer park. Now I’m not bringing this up to down or judge anyone for there financial status in life. I am low income myself.

I had a thought when I found out that investigators were searching a construction site dumpster that cadaver dogs alerted to. I am not in any way blaming or accusing anyone of anything. But it was a thought. Merely a thought. If investigators have nothing to go on truly, it wouldn’t be any harm to check this out. In Alabama in 1999 it is believed that a construction worker abducted/killed a young girl age 11 named Teresa Dean from a low income trailer park. Her home was near a construction site. Teresa was never found. Then in 2001 there was another girl taken from a low income trailer park near a construction site her name was Shannon Paulk. She was found dead seven weeks later by rabbit hunters. Then in 2003 another 11 year old girl from a low income trailer park was abducted her name was Heaven Ross. Heaven and Teresa’s bodies were never found. The girls homes were all near a construction site either commercial, roadwork, or bridge building was going on near the parks they lived in. Teresa was taken in August 15, 1999, Shannon was taken August 16, 2001 and Heaven was taken August 19, 2003. All in August, Teresa and Shannon’s abduction’s are two years and one day apart, Shannon and Heaven’s abduction are two years and three days apart. Heaven and Teresa’s abductions are four years and four days apart. They have a description of the man that they believe abducted/killed these girls. They believe he is a construction worker. They dubbed him the anniversary killer. Each of the girls lived next to a wildlife refuges also.

The only differences in Haleigh’s abduction and the three girls from Alabama are, Haleigh lives in Florida, the three girls were all 11 years old, Haleigh is only 5 and the time of year that Haleigh was abducted compared to the time of the three victims from Alabama. Could someone of been watching Haleigh? Become obsessed with her. Seen her from a distance. If investigators really have nothing, would it hurt to look into this as a possibility? Haleigh deserves to have every angle checked thoroughly.

Its not a secret she lived in an area infested with sexual offenders. Forty five within a five mile radius is whats said about her neighborhood. I hope that Haleigh’s was well supervised and attended to. She is a small girl who cannot defend herself what so ever. She lived in a area that had many predators residing around her. There are no clues as to what happened to Haleigh or who took her, nothing. None of the girls in Alabama can be tied together until they recover Teresa and Heaven’s bodies. Haleigh cannot be tied to any of them because it is merely a thought, but when I found out they were in the process of searching a construction dumpster the other day for Haleigh because a cadaver dog alerted to it, my heart sank into my stomach and the three girls in Alabama was the first thought that came to mind. I don’t know what happened to Haleigh Cummings. I am no professional. Maybe keeping options open to wider possibilities is an alright idea. Investigators did locate Heaven Ross’s remains December 18 th 2006. She is still believed to be associated with Shannon Paulk and Teresa Dean’s killer. Teresa Deans body is still missing.

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