We will be running our regular radio program on Sunday Jan 31 at 3pm central. The major focus will be the events in both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases.

It has been a busy week in both cases. The Putnam County ‘Adams Family’ continues to take advantage of the ‘all expenses paid’ vacation that PCSO extended to them. But even behind bars they still manage to get into trouble. Tommy Croslin managed to rack up more ‘Frequent Felon’ points this week, adding to his growing list of problems is the whole deal with stealing the blind mans gun.

Part of the extended Adams Family is Donna Brock. Donna seems to be in her own world of hurt. Her involvement with Misty Croslin appears to have had some unfortunate repercussions on both her and potentially Tim Miller’s TES group. Donna Brock was the well heeled friend that Tim Miller bankrolled to the reported tune of $3000 to take Misty for a vacation to Orlando. But is Donna Brock ‘well heeled”? The authorities do not seem to think so. A court appearance has been set, I don’t do legal jargon, but here is my definition. They are trying to figure out exactly who she is, what she owns, and where she lives! OH, and icing on the cake, if what she does own came from illegal means.

I along with many others assumed that now Law Enforcement had this merry band of miscreants behind bars they would start bartering with them. Lowering their potential for long term incarceration. I was wrong, it appears that they are still increasing the pressure.

Over on the Caylee Anthony case there was also some interesting developments this week. Casey Anthony plead guilty to the check fraud charges. This was hardly a surprise, it seemed like neither the prosecution not the defense could see any mileage in a protracted court case on the subject.

Was there a winner? Yes, this scored points for the prosecution. Andrea (I have never lost a death penalty case) Lyons will not be able to argue that Casey has a clean record. A statement that she would have loved to use in the penalty phase of this case if Casey is found guilty.

Jose Baez and the rest of the defense dwarfs team continue their mission of putting the blame on anyone but Casey. It is interesting that their tactic is to prove someone else did it, rather than their client did not do it. Having exhausted the ‘Zanny the nanny’ avenue and the Grund family they are now honing in on Roy Kronk.

To listen in to the program, point your web browser at www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central on Sunday Jan/31 you will see the link on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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