Satsuma Florida- Just on the heels of Caylee Anthony’s memorial service, we have a shout to the nation of another missing child out of Florida. Haleigh Cummings snatched from her fathers trailer during the early morning hours of  February 10th. Seems the only adult in the home has no real recollection of went on that night and has been questioned numerous times regarding Haleigh and her disappearance. Countless children have come up missing in the days since Haleigh’s disappearance. Millions of children have been missing before Haleigh’s disappearance  To many to count on my fingers and toes.

How come they don’t get the media coverage like Haleigh and Caylee. Why arent they blasted and paraded all over the media outlets? I for one would like to know. I, like everyone else in the world, would like to see Haleigh brought home. I would like to see them all brought home. Each one featured on the television and internet. Each one given the same respect that children like Haleigh and Caylee are getting.

There are 800,000 missing children each year under the age of 18. That makes around 2,000 children reported missing each day in America. That’s just in America.  Is any child better than the other? Do one or two deserve more coverage than any of the other missing children? Over 60,000 children in Canada will be reported missing this year. That’s one child every 9 minutes. I can only imagine the number of missing children there are each day internationally.

I have been asked by the editors at BNN to cover the Haleigh Cummings case and I obliged. I would like to see coverage for all the missing children not only in America but around the world. I realize that 2,000 children reported missing a day is alot to have to cover each and everyday. Why dont they get the same respect as Haleigh and Caylee? I don’t know I think the laws need to change regarding one missing child and another. Whether the child was abducted by family, acquaintance, or stranger. They all deserve the same coverage. Haleigh Cummings has disappeared with no clues the detectives told her biological grandmother. Nothing.  Millions of children disappear each and every day leaving no clues. We never get to hear about them, well not until you open your mailbox and the little flier with 2 children’s faces on it included in your mail. Or at the local supermarket the big poster of missing/lost children. No announcements on the internet or the television. Nothing. Why? How is Caylee or Haleigh any more important then any of the rest?

More people need to be involved in making a change regarding missing/lost children and the media attention and coverage that they get. A great number of these children are never found. Why is that? Is it because its not local for everyone to know about a missing child? I live on the West Coast and I get to hear about children like Caylee and Haleigh every day.  Elizabeth Smart was all over for days and days until she was spotted disguised by her  abductor. Cole Puffingburger abducted by Mexican drug nationals for 21 million dollars that his grandfather owed. He got national attention. Why not the rest of the missing, abducted, lost children. It may be to great of a task for our nation to handle. It’s only fair to give them all the same respect and coverage that any other missing child receives.

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