haleigh-cummings.jpgThis coming Friday, August 17 is little HaLeigh Cummings 9th birthday and there will be a tree planting ceremony held in her honor at Browning Pearce School, where HaLeigh attended school.

HaLeigh disappeared from her father’s home on February 10, 2009 in the middle of the night. Misty Croslin, HaLeigh’s father’s then girlfriend, told the police that HaLeigh had been sleeping on a palette on the floor in the same bedroom as she and HaLeigh’s little brother, Junior. Misty claims she woke up during the night to go to the bathroom when she noticed the back door had been propped open and that is when she found HaLeigh was gone.

Although some say they are sure that HaLeigh is no longer with us on this earth, there are some left that can’t let go of their hope that she is still alive and out there somewhere and until she is found one way or another they will hang onto that hope and who can blame them? I know if it were my child or grandchild I would be the same way. In fact I do feel the same way in this case. Until she is found I will never give up the hope for a miracle, to see this precious child come home to a family that loves and misses her so much.


Pictured above: HaLeigh’s first day of school at Browning Pearce Elementary.

So please read the following announcement for the tree planting ceremony planned for the 17th in honor of HaLeigh’s Birthday for the details:

This Friday, August 17, 2012 will be HaLeigh’s ninth birthday. There will be a ceremony at Browning Pearce School where we will plant a tree in honor of HaLeigh’s birthday and we would like to invite everyone to attend. HaLeigh attended Browning Pearce School in 2009 and she loved the school, her teachers and her friends so we feel this is the perfect place to remember HaLeigh’s 9th birthday.

In the past we have given away 300-600 balloons on HaLeigh’s birthday, to be released at 2:16, but this year government restrictions have made this an unattainable reality. Because we know there are people around the world who continue to release balloons at 2:16 on HaLeigh’s birthday and in keeping with the tradition and request of HaLeigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, we will release 9 balloons at 2:16.

As a reminder, in 2009, HaLeigh’s Closet was opened at Browning Pearce. HaLeigh’s Closet was meant to give those more fortunate the opportunity to help those children in school who are less fortunate. The closet is run solely on donations from the public. I have recently learned that HaLeigh’s Closet would be blessed to have some new donations so I would ask…

Anyone who has been blessed enough that you are willing to give from your heart… PLEASE donate school supplies to HaLeigh’s Closet and the children at Browning Pearce who can benefit from your donation.

I hope that you will all join with us as we plant HaLeigh’s tree at Browning Pearce Elementary School on August 17th. The ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m. and conclude with the release of 9 balloons at 2:16 p.m.

We would encourage anyone who would like to donate to HaLeigh’s Closet to bring your gift with you when you come as there will be faculty and staff who will be happy to place these in HaLeigh’s Closet and distribute them to those children who are in need. ANY donation you would like to make would be greatly appreciated by those less fortunate at Browning Pearce and HaLeigh’s family.

Browning Pearce Elementary School is located at 100 Bear Blvd San Mateo, FL 32187. Please mark your calendars for this Friday and join us at 1:30 p.m.

Please understand, “HaLeigh’s Closet” was started in honor of HaLeigh in order to help school age children that are in need of school supplies. There are a lot of children that are less fortunate than some others so with your donations, it would help others without the needed supplies.

“HaLeigh’s Closet” accepts donations like these:

1.    wide ruled paper
2.    crayons
3.    #2 leaded pencils
4.    Colored pencils
5.    backpacks for the older students

They even accept things like underwear for the little boys or girls that might have a little ‘accident’ that would need a change of clothing to keep from being sent home for the day. We all know how that can happen with small children. This would keep them from a huge embarrassment.

If you can possibly find it in your heart to donate something, I am sure it will be put to good use. Let’s make this birthday for HaLeigh a special one by helping children that really need these things to help them in school.

Don’t forget to wish HaLeigh a “Happy 9th Birthday” too. Where ever she is I know she would love it.

My prayers are still with you HaLeigh and your family as well. They miss you so much and will never give on finding you.

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Jan Barrett

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