I have been sitting here thinking all morning reading comments on here and then about my own ideas of what could have happened to this precious child. I read about lots of theories, some agree on them and some don’t. I watch as everyone becomes unglued due to the tension this case has become to every individual that has been following this case.

As I sit back and think about all this, my mind goes to the actual families of those involved personally in the case of little Haleigh Cummings. If all of us readers that follows this case think we are aggravated at no new news, can we only imagine how the families feel.

Picture yourself in their place. Sure there are some guilty parties in this tangled up mystery but we don’t know for sure who that is. We don’t know if it is from the Croslin’s, Cumming’s or the Sheffield’s.

There are so many things happening out there that just doesn’t make sense. For instance take Grandma Flora Hollars and her story about the phone calls she received  from Tommy and Misty. Is this really a coincidence that they happened to call the same day and both with their version of a confession? (I believe it was said that they were like only hours apart)

Supposedly Misty’s call was first and then Tommy’s. I have not heard the call from Misty but I have listened to the call from Tommy. There are a few things about that call that makes me wonder. First of all as I said on our radio show Sunday, it was not Tommy that said Joe’s name first. It was Grandma Hollars that used Joe’s name first. When she asked if it was Joe, he said yeah.  She asked Tommy if it was the story that Misty told and he said “yeah, but it’s…yeah”. It was like he started to say something else but changed his mind.

Just before that when Grandma Flora said that Lindsy wanted to know if it was him, he said no, it wasn’t him but he also added that she should know, she heard the story already.

OK this makes me want to ask two questions. One, if what he told Grandma Flora is true then Lindsy has known the story all along. Unless I am mistaken (and yes I do make lots of mistakes) this would mean she has been withholding information from LE, unless of course Tommy is lying.

Second when Grandma Flora asked Tommy if it was the same story that Misty said, Tommy agreed, but what puzzles me is if Grandma Flora had just heard this so called confession from both her grandchildren in one day and these two are in prison away from each other, then I’d like to know just how it is that Tommy already knew what Misty said. Was Grandma Flora’s words a code for him to just agree so it could be said that they said the same story? This makes me very uncomfortable with this phone call.

Once these calls were made and Grandma Flora made them public, even though Tommy asked her to keep it to herself til he could talk to his lawyer and I am sure so they could make sure they get their stories straight, everyone went crazy thinking OK this is what happened. My question here is why would anyone believe any of this? Why should we believe Tommy’s confession or Misty’s or Ronald’s for that matter? That would be like Casey Anthony telling us that George killed Caylee and she has been keeping quiet because she was afraid of him. (I am not saying this is what happened, this is just a what if question) With Casey’s history of lying would we suddenly believe her? I know I wouldn’t. Would you?

Also every time Grandma Flora appeared on TV she told a different tale about what happened. First it was Joe, then Tommy was involved and she refused to say that Misty had anything to do with it and then she said all three (Tommy, Misty and Joe) and then she tried shifting it to Ronald claiming Haleigh took one of his pills and died from it. She even added sexual abuse in the twisted stories she told. How can anyone take her word as gospel when she changed it as many times as Misty and Tommy have in the past?

I know there is a truth out there somewhere, but where, is the mystery. Everyone blames LE for blotching up this case. Everyone is mad because LE won’t release more information on this case. Well they can’t tell us everything. They have no obligation to tell us anything even under the Florida Sunshine law since there has been no arrests made in this case.

Why is it so inconceivable to think that the Sheffield’s didn’t have anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance? They have been too quiet. I don’t care what my lawyer would be advising me to do or not to do, if this were my child I would be fighting to find out who is to blame for this, but as far as the public knows Crystal is living her happy life at home with Cloe and Jr. I do not personally think Crystal herself had anything to do with this but I would say the rest of her family could be suspects as well. Maybe not likely but nevertheless, they could have been involved.

So until the REAL truth comes out we still don’t know for sure what happened to Haleigh. We don’t even know for sure she is dead. Where is Haleigh? Whether it is in another home being well taken care of or in heaven sitting on Jesus’s lap everyone wants to know. I want to know and her family wants to know.

So please when someone states their opinion and you don’t agree with it think about it. Just because you don’t believe it, it doesn’t mean it can’t be possible. In fact in all those involved in this case, I would say the only one that can’t be a suspect would be little Jr. He is the one I worry about more than any one else involved other than Haleigh of course. Haleigh needs to be found and when the truth comes out maybe she will get the justice she deserves if she is indeed in heaven right now.

Haleigh, the world loves you and I am sure your family does too. Everyone is praying for you. May God Bless You!

Jan Barrett

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