It has been more than a year since then five year old Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her bed in Satsuma, Florida. The little girl is still missing. According to sources close to the case credible leads have all but dried up, the major source of tips at the moment are from Psychics.

From day one Law Enforcement said ‘no stranger abduction’. This is a line that they have stayed with.

There are three families implicated, the biological mother Crystal Sheffield, the bio dad Ronald Cummings, and the live in babysitter/lover/wife/ex wife Misty Croslin.

All three families seem to share the same predilection for illicit drugs. A common thread?

There is no doubt in the press’s mind that PCSO has the hammer down on the Croslin family. Yet they also seem to have both the Sheffield’s and Cummings in the ‘cross hairs’.

Bio mom Crystal managed to achieve what a high priced (pro bono) lawyer could not achieve, she now has custody of Ron Junior. Of course this change in Junior’s status only came about as a result of father Ronald Cummings being arrested. Crystal has subsequently failed at least one drug test! I do not play the game of being an Advocate for anything. But it seems a possibility that Junior has jumped out of the Cummings frying pan and into the Sheffield’s fire.

Ronald Cummings seems to be set for the long term. He has plead not guilty to the charges he faces, DRUG TRAFFICKING.

It is the Croslin family that makes for the most interest though. Misty Croslin sits in jail and faces more than 75 years behind bars. The cops did what can only be viewed as a sting operation. Misty did not sell once, she sold multiple times to an undercover officer. To add stupidity to insult she actually managed to get the charges increased from 5 to 7 could this be based on her jail house phone calls?

Her father Hank Croslin was in court yesterday facing Doctor Shopping charges. As he was leaving court his wife Lisa Croslin was picked up on some kind of fraud charge involving an incident at the Palatka Wal-Mart around Christmas.

Tommy Croslin continues to cool his heels behind bars. Tommy was also swept up in the drug deal.

All of the Croslin’s seem to be relying on Timmy Croslin to bail them out, or at least send them money to buy stuff at the jail commissary and supply funds for their phone calls. His tax refund check is not going to go very far!

Although I have not had time to confirm it, there are rumors that even Teresa Neves is facing some issues. There appears to be a civil case attempting to evict her.

At this rate it would appear that there is a strong possibility that we are going to see the vast majority of the major figures surrounding Haleigh Cummings inside for a good long time.

Yesterday the St Augustine authorities released two more DVD’s these contain the undercover videos of the drug operation against Misty, Tommy, and Ronald.

The Sky 97.3 and Blogger News is in the process of getting the raw data, we have seen snatches care of some friends in Jacksonville, and the evidence looks damning. From what I have seen it is clear that Misty is the ringleader.

I wonder if there is any truth in the rumor that Putnam County are changing the Welcome To Putnam County road sings to include the slogan ‘Pill Capital Of Florida’ or if the Patatka City council are going to be renaming the main street to Oxy Ave.

Simon Barrett

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