Stymied by a number of problems, the various agencies involved in the search for Haleigh Cummings came together on June/4, there was little useful that came out of that meeting. The major item of interest was the fact that some evidence collected in the opening hours of the investigation had not yet made it through the laboratory analysis stage. A staggering admission in a case that was 120 days old.

The Press Release from this meeting held non June/4 indicated that if there was no movement in the case, the agencies would reconvene in thirty days.  The quote is..

The group intends to meet again in 30 days if the case has not yet been solved.

The group has not reconvened, and inside sources are saying that there are no plans for another meeting. There is no need, so we are being told, the agencies are communicating fine, so there is no need for everyone to take a day out and meet in Jacksonville. While this is a short description of a long conversation it, bothers me. Even worse, the information rings true!

By avoiding the meeting, no press release, and God forbid, press conference will be coming anytime soon.

I hate to say this, but it is my opinion that Haleigh Cummings is rapidly becoming nothing more than a statistic. I am appalled by this thought. Five months, no movement forward, what is happening? Sources are saying babysitter/teen bride Misty did it, other sources are saying father Ron did it! These people are clearly of the opinion that the little girl is dead.

Other sources have different stories, some are credible, and I would love to see them investigated. Cobra Staubs is a great guy, I love him, but he may not be the most politically correct person I have ever met. He is however a man of honor. He has offered some clues, and they led toward the drug world. There are few that would argue that Misty (17) was coming off a 3 day drug and sex binge on the day that Haleigh disappeared.

No one argues the fact that father Ronald Cummings went to work that night.

What we argue about is, what happened in the hours that we know nothing about? A six to eight hour window, a window that has bothered everyone. The press has differing versions of the actual events. Some versions, put out by credible journalists give one pause for thought. What really happened during those missing hours?

I have heard two credible theories in the last week. Both have possibilities, both have flaws. Was the abduction done by a recently released drug dealer? Was the abduction meant as a warning sign to Ron?

The one thing that is clear, is that drugs play a pervasive, if not key element to this case.

I will be the first to say that the abandonment of the round table is a dreadful decision. It was the one opportunity to get the various agencies around the same table. At the first (and likely last) round table, much was discovered, four months into the case, evidence discovered in the early days had not been looked at! How can this be?

The decision to abandon the inter-agency meeting seems like folly. Rather than moving forward, we are back to square one. All of the agencies can once more hide behind the ‘blind’ of ‘It was not us that screwed up”.

Simon Barrett

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