Leonard Padilla is a force to be reckoned with, he has done very well for himself in the bounty hunting/bail bond business. He certainly made headlines when he bonded Casey Anthony out. Most people thought he was a lunatic by doing it. However Leonard thought that he might be able to get information out of Casey about the missing Caylee Anthony that Law Enforcement could not. He failed, but one has to admire a man that tries. Of course the question of why he would insert himself into the case in the first place has to be asked.

It certainly brought him to the spotlight, and for week after week he was a regular on the Nancy Grace program. Nance had Leonard nicely appointed in a studio. With full makeup and his hat set ‘just so’ we listened with interest to his ideas.

The Caylee Anthony story finally ran its course with Nance, a bigger story came up, a young lady by the name of Haleigh Cummings went missing. Suddenly Caylee did not exist, only Haleigh!

Of course the death of Michael Jackson brought all news coverage by Nancy Grace to a screeching halt. After what seemed an eternity Nancy once again returned to the subject of Haleigh Cummings.

The Croslin and Cummings families started to make news on Jan/20 when they were rolled up in a drug bust. I believe it was Jan/22 when I received a phone call concerning Leonard Padilla, the information was that he was planning to bond the entire clan out. I think my response was “Is he nuts”. I have talked with Leonard Padilla several times, he does not come across as a whack job. A couple of days later I received some more information, it was third hand, but it made it abundantly clear that springing the pill poppers/dealers was about the last thing in the world that Law Enforcement wanted.

Padilla does not give up easy. He has purchased a used car for Hank Croslin, bought them pre paid cell phones, and if my sources are correct he has been scoping out some rental properties in the Palatka area.

Many people accused William Cobra Staubs of inserting himself into the case. He was only trying to find a missing child. What Padilla is trying to do has far reaching implications. I find it hard to believe that he can extract information from the Putnam County version of the Munsters that Law Enforcement can not!

I guess the part that just amazes me is that Misty Croslin sits in jail with a $1.35 million bond. To get her out Padilla would have to put up $135,000. Misty can barely read or write, she has a grade six education, though I have heard that her education level is closer to grade four. How could Misty possibly pay the $135,000?

Poor Timmy Croslin’s tax refund check must be getting down to the bare bones!

I like Leonard Padilla, he is an engaging man, but this is one story that he needs to avoid. Even Nance is giving him the cold shoulder. Have you noticed that he is not in a spanky studio any more? Nope, that is a Skype internet connection.

Simon Barrett

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