Yup folks, this is not hard news, and it certainly does nothing to help find Haleigh Cummings. From a reporters standpoint there is little to report on, the cops are tight lipped, and although they clearly want a resolution, they seem somewhat reticent to talk to the press. The press is a double edged sword, we can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, pretty much it is your choice.

Play straight with us, we play straight with you.  Dink with us, we dink back. The results are usually ugly.

Because of the lack of hard news I have been poking around in the periphery, and everywhere I look I cringe.

There are more shady dealings going on than even I can comprehend. Understand this has nothing to do with finding Haleigh, this is all stupidity happening on the fringes.

Threats are flying, the old ‘he said, she said’ is the word of the day. There are some hotel hijinks that I am not quite ready to go on prime time with, but it is a classic!

There are some interesting connections between the Haleigh Bug deal and a lawyer. Again I am not ready for prime time.

My advice to the folks that I am talking about, and you know who you are. Watch out, watch out, the press is about!

I will even offer some sage advice, get back to finding Haleigh, and keep your family jewels in your pants, frolicking can come later, after we have found the little girl.

Simon Barrett

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