In fact about the only person even remotely connected with this case that is not under the bus is missing Haleigh Cummings. After seven months of working on this story I am nothing short of mortified by the information that has arrived in my brain. There is not a sensible person to be found (unless you dig deep) remotely involved in the Haleigh Cummings story that you do not worry about.

Having a drug binging 17 year old babysitter/lover/wife has to be an issue. Lets face it folks, Misty Croslin is a person that most people would not employ to clean the bathroom, never mind look after two young children.

Father of the children Ronald Cummings is the sort of guy that eHarmony (with their 29 points of compatibility) would have refunded his money!

The more you poke into the family’s involved, the more worried you become. The Croslin’s just seemed to be hell bent on self destruction. Misty’s older brother Tommy Croslin has been cooling his heels on an all expenses paid vacation in the Putnam County lockup. Held on a $50k bond there seemed little chance of him getting out anytime soon. However, the ‘Bond Fairy’ lowered his bond to $5k earlier today, and someone managed to scrape up the $500 to spring him from jail. Was this lower bond a sort of thank you for him ratting on his sister Misty? It is certainly a subject talked about by us press types.

Of Course the big ticket item is the national warrant put out for Misty Croslin’s mother, Lisa Croslin. Set at $10k it is fairly small. $10k does not usually elicit much interest, but when you stipulate that should Lisa Croslin not bond out in Tennessee she will be extradited back to Florida you say “whoah they really want this one”.

It has not been discussed much in the press, but there again, many aspects of this case have not made it to prime time. There are certainly more than a few people that want to throw Lisa Croslin under the well known bus! By my calculations, space under the bus is becoming a bit of a premium.

It was months ago that us nasty press types put pressure on the people involved. It was months ago that private investigations put pressure on this case, Oh that would be you Cobra!

I am not prepared to launch the story, but I do believe that more than one of the ‘side shows’ are being investigated. From what I am hearing PCSO have had a gut full of the idiocy. Let us hope that they find the idiots producing the clearly false claims. Oh, and if I am correct, some of this idiocy is not from bloggers, it is from at least one member of our court system! I will have an update when I can confirm.

Simon Barrett

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