About the only thing you can bet your dollar on, is that this program will take a twist. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but always interesting.

There was news released this week on the case, but it was the expense of Internet stupidity. TJ Hart was quick to pick up on this aspect. I class TJ as a good friend, he bought into a  story, and it was bogus. He ran the story briefly, but yanked it as soon as the error had been found. It was Blogosphere crap!

The downside was that TJ, LE in Putnam County, and a whole bunch of people chased their tail for several hours. A bogus story, a waste of time, but living proof that everyone involved in this case cares.

I think it is fair to say that the folks investigating the case really have little time for the press. It is not that they dislike the press, they are doing the very best they can to bring this case to a conclusion, they would rather spend time looking for Haleigh Cummings, than talk to us. I agree with that sentiment. We would like to see this case reach a finale, rather than the wandering that is going on right now.

As we said today, someone, somewhere, knows something. Call one of us. Give us the break that we need in this case. I have nothing but admiration for the folks in Putnam county, but I will bet my last dollar that they pray for the day that the likes of TJ, Cobra, and Simon leave them in peace!

The one thing that you can always count on with this program is that you just never know who is going to call in. Today was no exception, we had one of the biggest names in Florida trial lawyers call in. John  Contini is a well known name, not just in Florida, but across the country. I had the pleasure of reading his first book a little while ago, this is a man who cares, and cares deeply.

There is so much trash online concerning the Haleigh Cummings case that it is often hard to pick fact from fiction. As a result of the online antics last week we have all become a little more circumspect in what we believe. But I know this, all of our panelists still believe that this little girl is alive. Yes we vacillate, yes we have days of doubt, but in our hearts we do believe she is alive.

If you know anything about her whereabouts, we all say in one voice, tell us!

To the 2% that TJ referred to as hard core trouble makers, I say, get a job, get a life. Find something constructive to do with your life. And to the idiot that started last weeks waste of time, all I can say is, Would your papa be proud?

You can listen to the whole show here. You might want to do that even if you listened live, there were a few ‘pointed’ comments after the live feed ended.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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