This is a story that I had hoped I would not be writing. It was one year ago that 5 year old Haleigh Cummings went missing. If we are to believe her then ‘babysitter’, then stepmon Misty Croslin, the little girl was snatched from the very room that Misty was sleeping in.

It was a tragic story when it broke, and is still a tragic story one year later.

Where is Haleigh Cummings?

Most of the press has moved in and out of the story. It was headline news on Headline News for a while, in fact Nancy Grace does occasionally still air the story but only when there is BOMBSHELL news.

A few of us have stuck with the story, sometimes there has not been much to report on. But we have laboured on. What I find curious and humorous, were it not for the seriousness of the case are some of the idiotic, asinine and completely incorrect statements that get published on the topic of Haleigh Cummings.

There is one guy that seems to have a hatred for myself, TJ Hart, and just about everyone else that is covering the story. So poor is is his readership, that he even leaves comments about his article to himself!

One wonders how he can even find time to write these articles, apparently he is a serious contributor to Wikipedia, and also runs a number of web sites on natural health and nutrition. He is one busy guy!

In a recent comment to himself he said:

I prefer to think of TJ Hart as the single greatest screw-up in the Haleigh Cummings Tragedy.

Next to throwing away a golden opportunity to provide real “video” to the public which he is claiming to help, his last screw-up was him reporting only four incident reports at ttp:// hen there were six (6) reports. Of course, the first two reports which he left out for unknown reasons were the most important ones, IMHO.

I  am sure in Tj’s mind, he is Haleigh’s guardian angel. From my point of view, he is a TOTAL screw-up. 

Tj Hart was to too stupid, IMHO, to recognize a rather obvious email hoax (remember that farce?). And, he is apparently too stupid to figure out that the public wants to be able see these videos in their raw state so they can figure out for themselves whether Nancy Grace, or somebody else, was trying to pull a fast one on them. Only a fool would accept TJ’s opinion, as an expert witness, on anything.
Being first might be a concern for a reporter trying to make MONEY off of Haleigh Cummings, but it is of no concern to the public interested in doing their own research.

Tj Hart, you can go back to sleep again! 

What an idiot! What a complete imbecile!

What this man does not understand is the case, he also is absolutely clueless and stupid! Go back to selling herbal remedies, at the last check Wikipedia had removed your ban!

Of all the people that have reported on the search for Haleigh Cummings, TJ is the best. I have no idea how many phone calls and emails we have traded in the  search for Haleigh Cummings. But I do know that TJ Hart is one of the best people I have ever met. This is one man that has gone way beyond the call of duty, TJ has not dropped this story, he has stuck with it.

Why this Internet ‘A-hole’ wants to pick on TJ and I is an unknown. But we do not give up. We will continue covering the story. It is sad that people like this idiot feel the need to reach out and talk rubbish, but it is their right.

Simon Barrett

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