BNN has been following this case from day one. Much to the consternation of some of our readers we have not taken a partisan stance. Jan sees potential good in everyone, and I see potential bad. But neither of us have declared that we know what happened. Certainly neither of us has taken the stand of ‘It must be x (fill in the name)’ that did it. Jan has her theories, and I have mine. Either of us could be right, equally, either of us could be a million miles from what actually happened that February night in Satsuma, Florida.

One thing though is crystal clear, unless this is remake of ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ there are many innocent people tied up in this story. Some are being egged on by the press, others are at their wits end. Grammy Flo (Flora Hollers) seem to revel in the fact that HLN have a wardrobe department, and for a couple of minutes she is the star. In actual fact she had little, if any contact with Haleigh Cummings. For a couple of minutes though, Grammy Flo is in the center of attention. Hey, more power to her!

Closer to the direct family are Lisa and Hank Croslin. Neither are likely candidates for the ‘Parent of the Year’ award, but, neither have been implicated in any way with the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. However they have come under not just the press microscope, but also the ‘armchair press’.

It is hard to listen to the jail tapes between Hank Croslin and his children Misty and Tommy without taking a step back and realizing that this is a father talking to his children. It is just as hard to listen to what mother Lisa Croslin offered.

Lisa and Hank Croslin were in court Tuesday. Both faced drug charges, but they were unconnected with the drug charges surrounding Misty and Tommy Croslin.

I am also happy to explain that the ‘official’ records that certain sites have been reporting are completely false. Neither are in Daytona Beach. Hank Croslin is still in the Putnam County jail, and because there was no compelling evidence to drag Lisa Croslin into the case, she has been released.

Lisa Croslin is now in a very safe place, one that offers a buffer between her and the people that are so keen to find fault. She is bound by rules, no drugs, no booze, but she is happy.

When Lisa and Hank were picked up I asked the question of a well respected source, was this an LE Sting?

The answer was a resounding NO, these people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We are hoping that Lisa will give us an interview, her story is one that deserves to be told. There are also dimensions that few people understand. Her story is not BOMBSHELL or EXCLUSIVE, it is life in today’s world.

Does Lisa Croslin have a benefactor? Yes she does. But it is a person that has few material possessions, and certainly does not have a huge bank account. Both Jan and I admire this person that is willing to go this extra mile.

It is easy to find fault, it is much harder to offer help.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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