As the saying goes ‘what a difference a day makes’. I have been hearing bits and pieces for several days about the fabled Haleigh Cummings Benefit Concert. The mumblings and rumblings went on for most of last week. I decided to air the subject in yesterdays broadcast.

As if by magic, suddenly there is a lot more information being shared! Funny the way that works….

It was initially billed that all proceeds would go to the Haleighbug center (aka Crystal Shefield), mid stream this claim changed, proceeds were to go to Tim Miller and his Equusearch team.

On yesterdays program Levi Page stated that he had talked with an official of Equusearch, and they had received zero as a result of the concert.

I am a cynical person, so find it very interesting that within hours of our program, more information suddenly appears. TES clearly want to distance themselves from this event. In an entry made today they state:

11/09/09 – There has been much speculation and many rumors concerning the benefit concert for Haleigh Cummings, which took place on October 17, 2009.  Texas EquuSearch was to be the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds raised by the benefit.  While the intentions were very good, the benefit did not raise any money that was donated, as evidenced by the letter below.

The phrase that caught my eye was ‘a portion of the proceeds’.

This in itself is contradictory to the online hype that preceded the event. I saw no use of the word ‘portion’, I saw ‘proceeds’, that by my understanding is a way different thing.

So, now we have the letter that TES received, you can read it here, but lets talk about a couple of interesting aspects. One phrase that smells worse than a Camels breath:

The people in attendance were family, friends or VIPS that did not pay any entrance fees or donated any money to the event. There were no sales of any kind.

Well this is rubbish, there were sales! Tickets were sold, people did pay their hard earned money. Some could not attend, but sent the money as a show of good faith. We have heard from at least one very upset person, what happened to her $10 she wants to know?

What happened to this money? Or did it just become part of the deficit that the letter explains:

This is to confirm that the Benefit Concert on October 17, 2009 for Haleigh Cummings in Bastrop Texas, acquired more payables than receivables.

Further research shows that there was no local advertising for the event. No radio, no TV, no nothing. But in attendance apparently were Crystal Shefield, Marie Griffis, and some 10 year old family member Savannah. Seems odd to me that they would make this long journey for no reason, one wonders who paid? It is also rumored that Tim Miller attended the event. That is being reported on the bands web site.

I have no beef with the band, I am sure that they were duped. Austin is a music town, I suspect this was a very poor thought out project by a well meaning band.I am sure that Sam Watkins and his band are well meaning folks, but, they have become yet another victim in this case.

Simon Barrett

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