I do not know the date that this tape was made, but it was prior to the latest search. It is between Tommy Croslin, His wife Lindsey Croslin, and his father Hank Croslin.

As the video is huge (and boring) I have removed it, the remaining audio stream is a more manageable 20 meg better suited to the online world.

While there is nothing earth shattering in it, there are some interesting examples of the strange dynamics that operate in the Croslin family.

Tommy offers the sage advice that Misty should stop making stories up! He also expounds the interesting theory that she is holding back something on Ronald Cummings. This is the first time I have heard this interesting 180 degree switch on who is holding back on who.

Another snippet of interest is a brief exchange between Tommy and Hank on the subject of talking to lawyers. Hank volunteers the information that he had recently been speaking to Steve Brown, who Hank claims is ‘rooting for you’. Hmm I’ll have to really think about that one, that does not gel with my information.
Anyway, make of this tape what you will.

This short tape between Tommy and Lindsey is another interesting conversation. Tommy waxes lyrical on brother Timmy and why he will not return to Florida. Is Lindsey fishing for Haleigh information and why doesn’t Tommy want to talk about it?

Ah, the light bulb goes on! I have seen enough of these Jail Tapes to know the format of the DVD’s. This particular one did not fit the norm, it was way too small. I have just verified that this the true size on the physical DVD and not a problem in us moving it around in the net. Lindsey is hammering Tommy on the subject of Haleigh. My guess is that Tommy starts to talk about Haleigh and the PSCO have redacted the rest of the conversation. We know that this tape was made prior to the search. One wonders what he said……

Simon Barrett

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