I have just talked with TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3, as I write this article he is sitting in the St. Augustine police complex waiting for them to burn the Jail house tapes onto DVD. The 4 minute clip that aired on Nancy Grace last night (in what seemed like an endless loop) was in fact the only clip that had been released.

It is our intention to get the entire contents uploaded to our FTP site and have clips available by mid afternoon today.

At 1pm Friday Feb/5 eastern TJ Hart and I will be running a special update on the Haleigh Cummings case. By this time both of us will have been able to go through the five hours of recordings. If the 4 minutes of tape that was released yesterday is anything to go by, I suspect that we will have a great deal to talk about.

There were actually some specks of gold in the four minute tape, if you know where to look. It also lends credibility to a phone call that I received two weeks ago concerning Leonard Padilla’s supposed involvement.

The more interesting speck of gold dust in the 4 minutes are the references to Art Harris and the Nevada connection in regard to her bail. If you check Art’s main page there is an item on the left sidebar advertising his pet project of a reality TV program ‘Vegas Bail’. Coincidence?


You decide.

Simon Barrett

Clarification:  It is clear from reading the comments on this article that some conclusions are being drawn that to the best of my knowledge are incorrect. Leonard Padilla and Vegas Bonds are not connected. These are two completely different developments. I will admit that there is a link between both efforts, but it is coincidental.

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