It has certainly been an interesting day. Once again the momentum in the case to resolve the disappearance is building. My good friend TJ Hart had the unique opportunity to get a look inside the PCSO’s HaLeigh center. He is the first journalist to be allowed access to this inner sanctum. You can read his article here.

When he called me shortly after his visit and told me he had pictures, I was salivating. He had pictures of some charts on the wall. One might even be the official view of the elusive time line in the case. Within minutes I had the pictures in my hands, oh the joy of technology!

This was the one that caught my eye.

It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get the story and pictures published. TJ had made an interesting comment though, while the PCSO had indeed let him look into the heart of the investigation they had kept him far way from being able to read the charts on the wall.

My mind went into overdrive. Today’s modern digital camera’s are far superior than the human eye. Maybe I could enhance the image with some of my software. Alas that ploy did not work, the images had been compressed for use online.

I do not give up easily though. The uncompressed images were what were needed….

Anyone that accuses the PCSO of not being a formidable and detail oriented group should think again!

The pictures were not taken by TJ, but were taken by a member of the team searching for Haleigh. TJ received the compressed versions rather than the originals. Now that is what I call attention to detail!

I still think that there are some intelligent deductions that can be made from the compressed chart. It is clearly a flow chart. It is likely that the top entry is Haleigh Cummings, the two lines from it most likely point to Ronald Cummings (left) and Misty Croslin (right). It does not take much rocket science to note that the Ronald link stops, the Misty branch however, grows at quite a large rate.

This is all pure guesswork on my behalf. But it seems to make sense.

Update: The Tommy And Misty jailhouse tapes are out. We have access to some of them. We are hoping to have all 5 hours of them available tomorrow. The current plan is to host them all on an FTP site, details will be released as soon as we can get this set up.

Simon Barrett

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