You can find out at 3pm central on Sunday Jul/25.

We will be running our regular program, and our panel will be all of our regulars. Simon and and Jan Barrett, ace reporter TJ Hart for the Sky 97.3, investigator Peter Hyatt, author and Crime Doctor Denny Griffin, reporter Dave Knechel, and it is also rumoured that our good friend William Cobra Staubs may be making a ‘Drive By’.

It has been an interesting week in all three cases. Obviously the hot topic in the Haleigh Cummings case is that now Misty Croslins parents will no longer have to pay the extortionate rates demanded by PayTel. Both Hank and Lisa Croslin have joined the rest of the family behind bars. In what BNN is being told by sources we cannot name, they were picked up in a sting operation on Friday evening. They are both charged with attempting to purchase Cocaine. Both are currently being help on  $5004 bonds. I am pretty sure that Timmy Croslin’s Tax Refund check is long gone, so it would seem likely that the pair will be spending some considerable time behind bars. If I was a cynic I might be tempted to ask the question, if they could not afford the gas money to visit daughter Misty, and they were supposedly homeless, where do they get money for cocaine? With Thanksgiving only 4 months away, could this be the biggest family gathering in years?

The Caylee Anthony case also had some interesting developments. Our favorite Attorney that obviously suffers from ADHD has once again changed tactics. Personally I think he just needs to up his Ritalin dosage! The new target seems to be George Anthony. Well, he tried the Zanny the Nanny tactic, then the boyfriend Jessie Grund, even Jessie’s father Richard Grund. Oh and we cannot forget his futile attempts at sticking meter reader Roy Kronk with the crime.

This week say two big shifts, suddenly he is backing off from wanting the Texas Equusearch records. My guess is that they revealed something that did not help. Instead he has been poking around in the supposed suicide attempt by George Anthony. This seems like a fruitless investigation, George can’t even fart in bed without Cindy’s OK. Pinning this on George is a bit like winning the $100 million PowerBall.

There are also some stories swirling around that George has decided to stop sending money to Casey Anthony’s jail account. Maybe he thinks she is putting on a tad too much weight?

The search for Zachary Pittman has also been a curious week. Curious as in no-one is saying anything. Jan and I spoke with his mother Christy Ragas yesterday, she has put in numerous calls to the lead detective on the case, Corey Crowe, he has not returned a single call in almost a month! I have to ask the question, how difficult is it to carve out one minute and call?

BNN has been in the trenches on this case. We are beginning to see a picture. This is a case that many people want to see go cold, the quicker the better! BNN is preventing that process.

As we publish this article , there are more nuggets of information coming to fruition. Most revolve around the Mayor of Pearl River. There are no reasons to implicate him directly, but his sons name Ricky Lavigne keeps popping up. I also got wind of another ‘rumour’ concerning  a son-in-law. We do have a well known PI on the research. I am hardly difficult to reach, but Mayor James Lavigne has made it a mission to avoid me. It is an election year, so maybe he assumes that no-one in Pearl River has internet access, no-one will read what I write?

Sorry James, but unless you create the Great Firewall of Pearl River the information is out there.

I do hope that you will all be tuning in to the program, the direct link is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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