Some might view the Haleigh Cummings case as ‘no news’. Those people are without doubt, misguided. As long as there is a little girl missing, a few of us press types continue to report on it. Likely to the chagrin of the people involved.

The press is not the enemy, the press is your friend. Certainly we have our personal beliefs, but we take the information and try to represent the data in a mostly non-judgmental way.  The hackles come up, and the ‘pen’ assault weapons come out when one of our online sites is attacked. The Internet has created an anarchy, but us believers also subscribe to the philosophy that truth will prevail.

With Art Harris, TJ Hart, and the only person to have been arrested in this case, William “Cobra” Staubs, as our guests, I find it hard to swallow that we have all been ‘fooled’ into buying into a bad story. Also joining the panel was Ms. Pickles, and crime writer Denny Griffin. Both of who have been following this case from day one. I know all of us have been faced with online attacks. This is an area that I find interesting. Why do people feel obliged to launch these attacks?

If there is no news concerning the Haleigh Cummings case, why was there an  attack on Art Harris’s site Thursday evening? For that matter, why do idiots keep slamming BNN?

Art Harris,  was hit by some wicked people. Just based on the numbers, you know that it was a coordinated attack. 14,000 hits in an hour, does not make for great statistics, just bot activity.

The question in my mind is, why or who, would want to play in this arena? All that he is trying to do is resolve the mystery of what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

With this in mind, we launched todays show. It was an interesting exploration of the case, and in many ways eye opening.

Law Enforcement are playing everything close to their chest, that makes sense. Unfortunately this is also viewed as ‘not giving a damn.’

As I see it there are three organizations that give a damn about this case, Art Harris, an independent reporter with two Emmy’s under his belt, TJ Hart, news director of The Sky 97.3 from Gainsville Florida, and us at BNN.

Apparently we have attracted the wrong crowd, all of us have the same problem with people that have an agenda.

Haleigh is missing, Haleigh has been missing for more than four months. Is there something that we are missing?

Why can’t people focus on the case, rather than the people reporting on it?

It was an interesting program, you can hear to the whole program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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