Well I was right, it was an interesting 90 minutes. Not without it’s technical challenges, but what would a live program be without some challenges?

I was very happy that country band ‘front man’ Sam Watkins decided to take part. Sam Watkins was the person that put on the benefit concert for Haleigh Cummings in Austin, Texas. I like Sam, I had an opportunity to chat with him a couple of times earlier this week. His heart is in the right place, I suspect that it was forces outside of his control that scuttled the whole mission.

Although much of Sam’s discussions were a revisit of my earlier article, it was interesting to see how he interacted with the rest of the panel and callers. One thing became clear to me, I am even more certain than I was before, Sam Watkins only had good intentions. In fact he only has good intentions. Sam had originally said that he was on a bit of a time crunch, and I assured him that 15-20 minutes of his time was all that I would need. Sam canceled some appointments and stayed for the entire 90 minutes. And I think it is fair to say, he had something to contribute to every topic we hit on. He has a very clear understanding of the case, and the people involved. I will leave an open invitation to him, he is welcome on our program anytime he wants.

Then the discission moved on to someone that I can honestly say, I do have reservations about.  Kim Picazio was at one point the lawyer representing Crystal Sheffield, all ‘pro bono’ . Kim became a ‘motor mouth’ for her client. The internal ‘rumor mill’ has it that even Nancy Grace got fed up with it, no doubt it was taking time out of Nancy showing photos of her twins!

As I understand it. Picazio bowed out of representing Crystal Sheffield in July. Her client though, was less than happy with her  performance and filed a bar complaint. That complaint has been investigated, and no grounds were found for misconduct.

The actual Bar complaint file was released early today, I am still ‘chewing’ on it but here is one article that I have published.

Sam Watkins pointed out a very salient fact, these side shows do little to find the missing child. This gave me pause for thought. He is right! But, and it is a big BUT, were it not for the sideshows poor Haleigh Cummings would be no more than a distant memory. I made a pact with a good friend of mine several months ago, we agreed that we would not drop the Haleigh Cummings story until she was found. That pact is still in force, TJ, Jan and I salute you!

Also joining us live were investigative journalist Levi Page, investigator William Cobra Staubs, and ace reporter TJ Hart. Everyone had lots to contribute, and I think we all learned a great deal about the case. I still maintain that the clues are hiding in plain sight, and one day, hopefully very soon, that missing piece of the puzzle will be discovered.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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