There is so much happening in the Haleigh Cummings case that we are going to be running another in our radio series at noon central Sept/10. TJ Hart the news director of The Sky 97.3 will be joining me to discuss the recent developments. Depending in his schedule, we are also hoping to have Art Harris of join us. Although Art has not been ‘on the ground’ in Satsuma for a couple of months, his knowledge of the early days following the abduction of Haleigh Cummings is a valuable resource. The key to solving this case lays in the events of the evening of Feb/10, and the early hours of Feb/11.

For the most part the Putnam County Sheriffs Office has been tight lipped, while this has been a source of frustration to people following the case, it is without doubt the only sensible course of action that they could take.

Although many of the mainstream press has moved on from the story, a few of us have stuck with it. It is when we compare notes that little gold nuggets of information are revealed. We do not have access to the police files, but I am willing to bet that we are on a parallel course.

Many people have been shouting from the rooftops “Misty did it”. This is a very unlikely scenario. Misty Croslin Cummings certainly knows more than she is admitting, but I do not see her as a willing participant. Much more likely she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She certainly knows much more about the circumstances surrounding Haleigh Cummings disappearance than she is ‘fessing up to, and maybe it is time she came clean about what she does know.

Although the biological mother had 12,000 reasons to get Haleigh away from Ronald Cummings (child support), I have yet to meet anyone that suspects Crystal of being anything other than a lady that maybe should have tried harder in school.

If you buy into Law Enforcements statements to the press, Ronald Cummings is not a suspect. Yet on Nancy Grace last night Ron’s lawyer said something slightly different. Actually he said a couple of things that gave us all pause for thought. The major one though was that Ronald Cummings was not cleared, but he was at the bottom of the suspect list.

If we also buy into the idea that this was not a stranger abduction, the water gets pretty murky, pretty quick.

Do all roads seem to lead to Ronald? There are occasions where an alibi is just too pat. Is this the case here? In fact this was the subject of a call at 6:30am this morning! I have come to the conclusion that some people (you know who you are!), never sleep.

Tune in tomorrow, it might be an interesting program.

You can also catch last Sundays broadcast here.

Simon Barrett

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