We will be running our regular radio show on Sunday, 05/24 at 3PM Central. Once again we will be focusing on the Haleigh Cummings story. With it being a long weekend TJ Hart and Art Harris cannot be with us, but the rest of the gang will be with us, Jan Barrett, Ms Pickles, and Denny Griffin. Also joining us will be investigator and bailbondsman William “Cobra” Staubs.

The big excitement this week was what happened to William “Cobra” Staubs, they threw him in jail!

Needless to say Cobra is a little hot under the collar over this. Cobra has very much become part of our family here at BNN, and I just can not wait to hear his side of the story.

Based on some conversations I had with him, and some other folks today, I would recommend that you put on your ‘anti foul-mouth ear plugs’, as this show is likely going to be epithet laden!

One thing is clear to me, all is not well in Putnam County and Cobra has stirred up a hornets nest. This case has done little for the public image of this area. Drugs and violence seem to be prevalent. Even here in small town Mississippi, population under 20,000 we have a ‘Hood’, but it does not seem anything like what is going on in Putnam County.

Let us hope that everyone will calm down and get back to the mission of finding Haleigh Cummings.

To tune into Sundays broadcast go to www.blogtalkradio.com  a few minutes before 3pm Central and you will see the link to the show on their front page. Incidentally for the past several weeks this talk radio program has been the top rated News show on BTR!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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