We need someone in the St Augustine area of Florida to help us on Friday morning, there are a number of DVD’s being released concerning the Haleigh Cummings case. If you live in the St Augustine area, have high speed Internet, and the ability to pick up some discs at 9am Friday, please give Jan a shout Jannyo@gmail.com. You will also need $30 of hard cash on you, that we will reimburse you out of our own pockets, Jan and I make absolutely $zero from Blogger News. You will also have our gratitude, and of course a mention on Sundays program.

It is my guess that these 6 discs are recordings made at the time of the river search. They could be most revealing.

Our regular courier is not available, I am sure that CNN will have their folks out there at 9am, and there will be some ‘sound bites’ tomorrow night. We prefer to publish the ‘whole meal deal’. We don’t go with ‘sound bites’, we like to give everyone the whole story.

If you can help us, we would appreciate it.

Good Afternoon All,
We will have a total of 6 disks available tomorrow after 0900 regarding Cummings-Croslin recordings.  There are 5 DVD’s and 1 CD.  The cost is still $5.00 per copy and can be retrieved at our Courtesy Desk in the main lobby.

Contact Jan if you can help us in the quest to unravel the story of what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

Simon Barrett

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