Satsuma Florida- It is well known now that Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings went missing from her fathers Florida home. Investigators are keeping this one out of the media hardly commenting on the investigation at all. There is only one description of the abductor, and that description rests in the mind of a small four year old child. Jr., Haleigh’s brother. Jr. told his and Haleigh’s mother Crystal that “a black man took sissy”. It was first reported as a man in black but Crystal has since clarified on that statement by the boy.

There is a lot of speculation going around regarding Misty and her associate and just exactly what he has to do with Haleigh’s disappearance. If anything at all. Its a sad situation when the only description of the “abductor” is from the memory of a four year old boy. This has been hit on by several news media organizations. It is even reported that “the black man” was at Ron’s house a week before with Misty. Whether that true or not has yet to be determined. Ron has stood by his wife when asked if he believed Misty he stated “Yes I do, why?” It has even been reported that Ron knew about the “black man” being in his home with Misty.

I am in shock that this small child has more heart in him to come forward and give somewhat of a description for investigators. If this is true and the man was there in the home with Misty the night Haleigh disappeared what does it have to do with the abduction/disappearance? It all lays on Jr.’s recollection of who took his sissy as he put it. If this man is the abductor why wont Misty come forward with the truth? Or has she already? Its hard to tell with the silence of investigators. What is Ron and Misty hiding? If Jr.’s description of this man is accurate and truthful how come he is still at large? One begins to wonder if this has anything to do with her abduction?  I for one know that children are easily coaxed and manipulated. All it takes is one small seed and plenty of repeating ones self to get a child to agree that the sky is purple. Now I am not in any way accusing Crystal or anyone else of coaxing or manipulating Jr. to give up that description of the man he witnessed take his sissy. I am just confused as to why there has been no news regarding the man or any interrogations of him. Investigators have been keeping this one close to home though. They are more likely to say that this is an ongoing investigation and they are not authorized to comment on that. I hope that this description from Jr. leads them closer to finding Haleigh.

If you have any information about Haleigh, her disappearance or her abductor you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) or Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800.  There is a Haleigh Bug Headquarters open to take tips and leads also, they even accept donations. There phone number is (954)-553-6514.

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