When I am not being the investigative reporter I do reviews, books, music, video’s, and whatever else comes my way. I recently had the good fortune to watch a great documentary series ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’, in it, world renown art historian Waldemar Januszczak takes us behind the scenes of a number of very famous works. There is always more to a picture than what you see.The same is true with day to day life. Not everything should be taken at face value. For many years the press has been accused of having a slant. Indeed we do! It matters not if it is a lowly blogger or the New York Times, the slant is there. For a prize example, check out The Words Of War, a book that shows how the press works.

Other aspects of society work on the same level, everyone has a slant. Democrats bash Republicans, and Republicans bash Democrats. For the most part the voting majority ignores the idiocy put out by the likes of Limbaugh, and the other whacko’s. But the process continues.

In the case of Haleigh Cummings,a missing five year old, one would assume that everyone only has one agenda, to find the little girl. It is more than four months since she was last seen. CNN and HLN ran with the story for a short time, but now they are very quiet. There are precious few of us that are keeping the story alive. Without us, I suspect that this case would be gathering dust in a folder, in a forgotten file cabinet.

The title of this article is ‘What happens when you annoy a lawyer’, one man that can answer that question is William “Cobra” Staubs, he can answer that question all too well. The lawyer, in this case Kim Picazio goes on the offensive. Cobra now finds himself without a way to make a living.

It would seem that Blogger News has now come under fire from Picazio. While there has never been much love lost between Crystal Sheffield’s lawyer Kim Picazio and Blogger News, we for the most part have adopted the approach that we don’t get along well, so we avoid each other. Kim seems to have other plans.

In what I can only view as a piece of crass stupidity Picazio opted to go public with some emails, however they were carefully selected, and more than one person has spotted the fact that they are inconsistent. Replies are missing, starting threads are missing. If you are going to mess with threads, at least do it in a professional manner.

In what first appears as a consistent thread between Picazio and a blogger known as ksue, there is an email from me! I had nothing to do with the thread, yet there is my email. Conveniently missing is Ms. Picazio’s response. What blew my mind was that this series of emails were published containing personal information! Nothing was redacted!

My email is easy to find, if it takes more than 30 seconds on the internet to find it, you need to take some classes. Many people though prefer to keep their identity on a more private level.

Clearly BNN has become a target for Kim Picazio. All that I can say is ‘If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones’. Nothing that is currently happening does anything to find Haleigh Cummings. Isn’t Haleigh the focus? Well it should be. Alas it is not!

This latest derailment of the search is a prime example. Lets find Haleigh. What happened to that idea?

Picazio can do what she wants. In fact one rumor I heard was that a new court motion is about to be filed, and guess what? Picazio is not the lawyer!

Why can’t everyone get back to the issue. It has nothing to do with Kim Picazio, it has nothing to do with Blogger News, it has nothing to do with anyone, except the truth.

I know that my wife Jan and I, and other writers for BNN have prodded, probed, and done our best on this case. I think I can talk for the whole team when I say “This is a load of BS”. Picazio has an agenda, but it is not going to work over here.

You may be able to snow Art, but you will not snow us!

Simon Barrett

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