We have encountered a bit of a technical online issue, however we do have a solution. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the DVD’s at a location with super fast upload capacity, we will still need to render them, but data is coming your way as fast as we can process it.

I have not had an opportunity to watch it, but apparently on DVD 3 the whole Croslin family starts to unravel. On DVD 1 Hank Croslin Snr warns daughter Misty that she might be in for a rough ride. Brother Tommy has taken a polly and passed it. The statement is clear, if Misty has anything to bring to the table, now is the time. DVD 3 seems to tell a different story. I have not watched it yet, but apparently Hank Croslin does a 180, the story now is that Tommy Croslin FAILED the polly.

This once again puts everything back on the table.

You will not want to miss tomorrows broadcast, we hopefully will have some information that no-one else has.

We are still firming up the panel, but it looks like it will be Simon and Jan Barrett, crime writer and author Denny Griffin, investigator Peter Hyatt, and the director of news and programming for WSKY 97.3 TJ Hart.

We certainly have lots to discuss. I have a theory about these new tapes, I can’t wait to hear what the panel thinks.

Tune in tomorrow at 3pm central. The search for Haleigh Cummings has become a war of attrition. I am not much of a gambler, but I would put my money on Law Enforcement. The Cummings and Croslin clan seem to unravelling at the speed of light. The Sheffield folks seem to be more capable of keeping their play book secret, but there have been some stories floating around that give me pause for thought.

Simon Barrett

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