It is often hard to figure out what is real and what is Memorex. But there are a couple of very interesting stories floating around. As we are unable to confirm them at this time, I’ll just keep them in the rumor category.

The first one concerns Ronald Cummings, and the rumor is that his Lawyers have dropped him like a hot potato, they supposedly are claiming that their mission is done. They entered the case solely to represent Ronald in the abuse and custody issues surrounding Ron Jr. The Gainsville Sun says:

On Thursday, Ronald Cummings’ attorney announced in a news release that they had been notified the DCF investigation had been closed with no evidence of abuse.
Attorney Greg Kimball with the law practice of Kimball & Snider in Palatka, which represented Cummings pro bono, said there are no other pending legal matters in this case.

Hot on the heels of this development is the rumor that Kimball & Snider have gracefully bowed out of the case. Too hot for the company? One has to wonder! I found it interesting that when Kimball & Snider first got involved they made a huge deal about them representing Ronald Cummings, and made it perfectly clear that they wanted nothing to do with representing Misty.

The really hot news though concerns Crystal Sheffield, the biological mother. To quote Nancy Grace “BOMBSHELL”. I have now talked to three people, and they are credible, Kim Picazio got her walking papers, her pink slip! Picazio has been ‘representing’ Crystal Sheffield from the early days.

The loss of Kim Picazio from this case can only be viewed as a positive move. I was concerned early on in the case, everyone seemed to be ‘lawyering up’, yet the choice of representatives seemed odd.

I am not a fan of texting, but I understand that Picazio is, so here is a text ‘KP RIP’.

Maybe with a clean field we can all move on to the problem. Where is Haleigh?

Lets find her, lets bring her home!

Simon and Jan Barrett, and just about everyone else

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