This tape that I found this morning blows my mind. It is Tommy Croslin and his wife Lindsey.

Polys, Misty being a liar, Tommy admitting that he was high the night that Haleigh Cummings went missing. Once again Steve Brown and Leonard Padilla get guest mentions.

I think this tape also shows the turning point in the Tommy and Lindsey relationship.

There is also whining about how they are going to pay for Tommy’s bond!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy wants to do the poly, but only if it gets him out of the slammer.

We also get some words of wisdom on the subject of dog training:

When he does that, smack the sh*t out of him with whatever you have in your hand

This tape is well worth a listen.

Have at it!

And don’t forget to tune in at 3pm central today. We will be talking about all of these tapes and more. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

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