In this tape we get to hear Tommy Croslin complain about not being able to sleep. Then the poor quality of photos that his wife sent him of the kids. Then how she should have postponed her visit so the Austin could have come as well.

This tape is all about the ‘ME’ generation. I have mentioned in the past that I see parallels in this case with the sad Caylee Anthony story. Both are of the ‘ME’ generation.

Tommy whines that his father has not been visiting “He is probably high, and they are on a binge”.

The more tapes I hear from Tommy, the more convinced I become that he is a demanding and controlling man. He harps about money, on and on.

Oh and that is just the first 10 minutes. I have not had the chance to listen to the entire tape yet, we are too busy trying to get these rendered to take time.

You can listen to the whole sordid tape here. I have to admit that the Haleigh Cummings case is one of the most frustrating stories I have covered.

Simon Barrett

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