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Here is the latest information from Satsuma, FL


11:30 AM ET

Reports of a bloody mess at Haleigh Bug Headquarters…

A Putnam County Fire Rescue ambulance picked up an unknown subject at about 1a.m. Monday, April 27, 2009 at the Haleigh Bug Headquarters on South US 17 in Satsuma, FL, the agency confirmed this morning.

Due to HIPPA laws, the identity of the subject was not released.

The unidentified female subject was hospitalized after suffering a seizure and receiving a facial injury in her subsequent fall causing lots of bleeding.

Witnesses tell WSKY that a hatchet was also found inside the Haleigh Bug building.

WSKY cannot confirm witness claims as to why the hatchet was out in plain sight inside the small Haleigh Bug building or for what possible use the hatchet may have been used.


Information has been forwarded to WSKY regarding alleging more bad blood between Haleigh Cummings’ stepmother, 17-year-old Misty Cummings, and Amber Brooks, the woman who bore a son to Haleigh’s Father, Ronald Cummings over 20 months ago.

This information also supports a theory private investigators and others are researching involving the associations between Misty Cummings and two women who were recently jailed on cocaine charges in Putnam County.

The women who were jailed on Monday, April 20, 2009 are Kristina Rene “Nay-Nay” Prevatt and Amber Brooks.

In the days prior to the disappearance of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings from her Satsuma, FL home where Misty Cummings was the last person to see her, Ms. Cummings was in the company of Kristina Rene “Nay-Nay” Prevatt.

Prevatt claims she arranged a meeting between Misty and a local man named Greg Page. That meeting reportedly resulted in a couple of days of sex and drug use for Misty and Greg the weekend before Haleigh vanished on February 10, 2009.

Prevatt is also an associate of Amber Brooks, the other woman who was jailed with her on cocaine charges April 20, 2009 in Putnam County.

WSKY has since discovered about the difficult relationship between Misty Croslin-Cummings, Amber Brooks and Ambers’ mother Lisa Ann Brooks:
September 25, 2008, Misty Croslin (now Cummings), 16 years old at that time, filed a police report claiming Amber Brooks’ mother, 37-year-old Lisa Ann Brooks, committed battery on Misty.

October 6, 2008: Amber’s mother, Lisa Ann Brooks, is charged by State’s Attorney for battery on Misty Croslin.

November 14, 2008: 4:52 PM Misty Croslin allegedly posts nasty comments on Amber Brooks myspace page under a photo of Amber Brook and the baby son she had by Ronald Cumming.

This new information lends support the claim made last week by private investigator William “Cobra” Staubs on WSKY and TheSky973.Com that Kristina Rene “Nay Nay” Prevatt and Amber Brooks are key to this case.

William “Cobra” Staubs has been working on this particular lead since the middle of last week.

WSKY continues for follow this lead and several others in the search for Haleigh Cummings.

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