With the case now almost four months old. One has to wonder, are we on a rescue or recovery mission. Those terms are used by the Coast Guard, and just about every other agency. Rescue means finding people alive, recovery means finding people dead.

Haleigh Cummings needs to have some closure, and the longer this case goes on, the stranger it becomes.

Much was talked about Polygraph tests that were given early on in the case, yet those results have not been released to the public. Of course Polygraphs are not admissible in court, but they are a wonderful tool. I have an acquaintance that worked for the FBI for many years, he is a big fan, no they don’t solve the crime, but they are a tool that leads you in a direction. That direction does solve the puzzle.

The Haleigh Cummings story is too bizarre to even think about. How can a five year old suddenly disappear from inside her home?

Much of the Main Stream Media has dropped the case, there are only a few of us that have stuck with it. But stuck we are! I know I speak for my media friends in saying that we need some leads. I do not mean that as a slight on Law Enforcement, I want to help them in their quest for justice.

We have received some information, it might be BS, or it might be real. What we are missing is a way to investigate the claim. The politics in Putnam County are so charged right now, no-one can see straight. The net result is a war. Everyone is hating everyone rather than working together.

I put some credibility to a tip we have, but what we need is a cadaver dog and a handler for two days.

I know that your initial reaction is ‘go tell the cops’, well isn’t that exactly what happened with Roy Kronk in the Caylee Anthony case? The folks in Putnam County want to do things their own way, and I guess I can not fault them for that, I likely would react the same way.  They are not open to outside help.

We have been following this case from day one, here we are almost four months later, and other than some name calling, I see no forward movement. In fact I was talking to a fellow journalist today, don’t jump to conclusions, it is no-one I have ever mentioned on BNN. “The good ole boy network again” was his comment.

Lets make a real big deal out of this case! One way or another it needs to be solved.

I know damn well that certain people will read this article. Can we all just stop the vendetta and get on with finding Haleigh?

Someone with a trained cadaver dog, drop me a line, my email is zzsimonb@gmail.com . It may not solve the case, but it would close one line of thinking.

Simon Barrett

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