Yesterday was quite a day in the Haleigh Cummings story. What had been on the insider rumor mill for weeks actually came to pass. Crystal Shefield fired attorney Kim Picazio. You notice the use of the word ‘fired’, well that was what happened.

It was with humor that I read this comment emailed to BNN from another site:

FYI – Art asked me to let all of you know that Kim Picazio just resigned as Crystal’s’ lawyer, and sent an e-mail to PCSD this morning as to same.

Rubbish, she was canned. Picazio had become a huge obstacle in moving the case in any direction. I will not resort to the gutter tactics employed by certain web sites but I will share a little information. What the general public may not be aware of is that a heated war of words has been raging for weeks in email. And while Picazio was not the instigator, she was certainly a willing participant. As the venom grew, so did the CC list. Often the content of the email was overshadowed by the CC list.

CNN, Fox News, Putnan County, the FBI, oh it made for an interesting read!

Most of us included in this ‘lofty’ group opted to sit back and watch the drama unfold. And unfold it did, each day brought new and entertaining accusations, most on a schoolboy vendetta level. This in my mind was a potentially career damaging move. While most of us press types merely enjoyed a ’round the water cooler’ chuckle over the steady stream of asinine exchanges, it was clear that some on the CC list might take a slightly different view.

It became not a question of ‘IF’ just a question of when. I am sure that Picazio has learned a great deal from her 15 minutes of fame. Not all fame is good for your career. One lesson learned early on in my life was in a sport I participated in, the only way to move forward was to take on opponents that were better than you. Picazio derailed herself by getting embroiled in a pointless email war with someone who no one has ever heard of, and to put the icing on the cake, does this in front of us all. Ouch!

I pick my battles wisely, and this is one battlefield I am glad I kept out of.

The upside of this development is that maybe, just maybe, the case can move forward once more. Get the personalities out of the equation and who knows where this can go, and how quickly. Haleigh Cummings father Ron also finds himself without representation. His lawyer has withdrawn from the case stating:

This office has been successful in handling the DCF investigation and resolving family law issues between Ronald Cummings and Crystal Sheffield. We undertook this representation pro bono as a public service to not only Ronald Cummings, but to the citizens of Putnam County in the interest of clearing up these controversies. There are no pending legal matters involving Ronald Cummings. We are ending today our representation of Ronald Cummings on good terms. Our website, will remain online but will not be updated.

Unofficially that translates into, we are not making any money, and this case is a can of worms. Sticking around makes no sense.

I suspect that Law Enforcement is also interested in these developments, maybe Ronald Cummings will once more be willing to get around the table and talk.

I am also sure that there are elements of the investigation team that are shedding few tears about the loss of Picazio. Grumbles abound that Picazio was leaking confidential information to the press. Well she certainly was not doing it to us at Blogger News, but, there are enough bread crumbs left to trace an interesting trail to another web site. That is speculation, but I am certain that if this ever became a legal issue it would make for a very interesting series of discovery.

For five months we have been sidelined and snowed with BS. Maybe we can once more get to the solution, where is Haleigh Cummings?

Simon Barrett

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