Most Saturdays are a quiet time for the online world. Yesterday was not. The release of the Ronald tapes here and here seem to have everyone in a feeding frenzy. But, I for one am not sure why. The tapes reveal Ronald fingering Cousin Joe, but that is a game that has been played before. The PCSO don’t buy into it. If they did, Cousin Joe, would be on an all expenses paid vacation behind bars.

The tapes do however reveal a great deal of information. You have to put on your listening ears to appreciate it.

Investigator Steve Brown has claimed to have solved the case, I have talked to Steve a couple of times, and at no point has he pointed to a suspect. However he did say he knows who did it.

I am taking a more circuitous route, I talk to lots of folks, and you start to build a picture. I think Steve Brown has the case nailed. He has not told me who he suspects, but I’d bet a dollar that it is not who most people assume.

Steve Brown made the comment “You would never guess who did it”. Actually I suspect I walk in his foot steps. I do believe that this case is rapidly approaching an end, and I also believe that the person facing the biggest problem is someone you might not expect. I was set in my mind, I understood the events of that night. The doubt started months ago, little bits ate away at my conviction.

There is so much information and disinformation in the case that sometimes it is hard to pick fact from fiction.

I have just received three very interesting phone calls. Two on the Haleigh Cummings case and one on the Caylee Anthony case. I suspect we are going to have a very interesting panel this afternoon. I won’t announce the names as the situation may change, but if this all comes together it is going to be one great program!

Tune in at 3pm Sunday to listen to the latest news. Link is here.

Simon Barrett

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