For the past couple of weeks I have noticed that my good buddy TJ Hart has had an obsession with the dirty laundry found in the trailer following Haleigh’s disappearance. At first I did not give much thought to it. But the more I did think about it, the more convinced I become that it may be of some importance. If you think of the entire case as a jigsaw puzzle the laundry is a piece that links to several adjoining pieces. It also opens up even more questions.

This is pure speculation on my part, however I think it merits some thought. Laundry in one way or another plays into several aspects of the case, albeit insignificant at first glance. Here are some of the things that are bothering me, they are not in any particular list of importance, and I am not really sure how some of them relate.

I do not know Misty Croslin personally, in fact I have little wish to meet the girl. Anecdotal evidence however seems to show that housekeeping was not her forte! In fact I can think of few 17 year old’s that love to houseclean and do laundry so she is hardly unique. Having two young children in the house, will surely produce an almost endless amount of dirty clothes. It has been reported that Misty Croslin had just come off a three day drug, booze, and sex binge, so it is unlikely that she popped home to do any laundry!

If Misty is such a lousy housekeeper, it would stretch my imagination to believe that once she discovered Haleigh was missing, she went back into the bedroom and made the bed she had supposedly been sleeping in.

There is a story, and understand that the definition of ‘story’ covers both fact and fiction, that Misty washed and dried the blanket that Haleigh used because it smelled of ‘pee’.

To the best of my knowledge there was no laundry detergent in the house. How did she wash it? Even more important, how did she dry it?

There is the story about clean clothes being dropped off that evening.

OK, time to up the ante, the dirty clothes that were found by Law Enforcement. Some were apparently found in the dryer. I keep asking myself, why? It makes no sense. It brings into doubt the blanket story.

There is another scenario, and it is one that I like even less, it eats at me. It is rumored that the washing machine was also full of dirty clothes. Now we have a scenario where Misty washes and drys a single blanket and then loads up both appliances with dirty ones. Yes, I fell off the Turnip truck, but it was not yesterday!

I asked my wife Jan (an avid user of washing machines) about the story being put forward. She was incredulous. But, she did point out that stuffing dirty clothes into the washer and dryer might well be a way of clearing the path to the back door.

Law Enforcement have done an excellent job on this case, they have not succumbed to the ‘loose lips’ mentality that has plagued many other investigations. Of course this has given rise to a large amount of Armchair speculation, so wild assumptions run rampant!

It has been seven long months since Haleigh Cummings was abducted. Is she still alive? That question is one that I ponder every day. In many situations it is easy to play that ‘Armchair Quarterback’ position, you can use hindsight and beat up on the people involved, why didn’t they stop this situation before it started! It is a simple notion, yet one that is impossible to do in real time.

I will close with this thought, someone knows something. We in the press have bits and pieces, Law Enforcement has many more pieces to the puzzle. There are still some missing parts, but I suspect that we are all converging on the same result. TJ refers to them as the dirty half dozen. I agree, the answer  can be found in one of six people.

Some are tough nuts to crack. Others might be veritable endless sources of information if they start to feel the heat.

Can this case be solved? I say yes, an emphatic yes!

Does dirty laundry play a part? Yes, in many ways it does. I am not a soothsayer or a card reader, but I do suspect that the dirty laundry is going to become an increasingly important aspect.

What was Haleigh wearing the night she was abducted? This small, but important fact was misreported, it was not a pink shirt. That came out months ago, the pink shirt was found guess where? In the laundry pile!

The dirty half dozen hold the key, but who has the most information, and who will crack first?

Misty Croslin seems to be the sacrificial lamb, but how much does she really know?

Father of Haleigh and now husband to Misty is Ronald Cummings. His various escapades can be viewed in several ways, as can his comments that have been caught on tape.

The other member of the high table, rounding out the triumvirate is bio mom Crystal Shefield. It can be argued that Crystal had 12,000 reasons to make Haleigh go away. I do not buy into it!

The bottom half of the dirty half dozen, I think I will reserve judgment on! Maybe the three that I am looking at are the wrong ones. Maybe this is indeed a ‘stranger abduction’, but I don’t think so.

There are people that need to stand up and be accountable.

Simon Barrett

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