There was a huge amount of scuttlebutt that did the rounds of us press types when seemingly out of nowhere, a benefit concert to secure more money in the search for missing Haleigh Cummings was announced. Early reports had it that all proceeds would be going to the Haleighbug Foundation. I guess what confused me was the huge amount of secrecy that seemed to accompany this concert. At one point the deal was, send money, and then we will tell you the address.

It is still confusing, both TJ Hart and myself have been trying to find just one person that attended. A loyal reader of BNN did send us some interesting video. This purportedly was shot at the concert.

The band is fine, I have no issue with them, they even know their way around the frets of a guitar. But, and this is a very big BUT, I hang out in the music industry. I know musicians, videographers, producers, soundmen, roadies, I know em all. I have never in my life seen a video of a concert that at some point does not show the audience.

In fact this video gets even stranger, the tickets were billed at $10 each, which incidentally is a give away price these days. But, the backdrop to the stage is clearly an aluminum sided building, you can see that when the cameraman finally pans out. You can also spot the absence of any audience. Well maybe you can count the Video guy, but, I’ll bet he got in free!

In front of the stage they do have a hand written sign, “Let’s Bring Haleigh Home”.

I guess my confusion lays in what exactly is going on? Was this a benefit concert for Haleigh Cummings? Or was this something different? Of course the question of how many tickets were sold, and what happened to the money also gets my interest.

The destination of the proceeds also seems to have been a moving target, the web announced that all monies will go to the Haleighbug Foundation, another says that proceeds will go to Tim Miller and his Equusearch group, while a third claimed that proceeds would go toward increasing the reward money for information that helps find Haleigh.

You make your own decision, watch this and tell me what you think?

Jan made a very salient point, while we do not go to many concerts, we certainly go to some.  Where are the waving hands, the bobbing heads? It is just a band playing in an industrial area after everyone else has gone home.They have a lighting gantry, but it is not clear to me that it is even plugged in properly, and operated the way it should. The sole light source of any importance comes from a white spotlight from the right side of the stage.Is this video really from this much touted benefit concert?

If it is, where are the people, and maybe more importantly what happened to the money?

Watch it for yourself, and tell me what you think.

Haleigh Cummings is still missing. What happened to her? Someone knows, and that someone needs to step forward. If this was indeed the ‘benefit’ concert, something is very badly wrong.

You can bet that this is going to be a subject that gets some air time on the radio program tomorrow! Actually, this likely would be a good opportunity to mention that we will have a guest panelist on the program. Levi Page has been following both the Caylee and Haleigh stories, better still, he is a guy that like the rest of us, devils with the actual people involved, rather than rehashing old news.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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