I am not sure what happened but I think we have located the missing file. This is a conversation between Tommy Croslin and his wife. It was recorded right after Tommy took the lie detector test.

I think it is fair to say that Lindsay is a little hot on the collar.

“All you f***ing Croslins are F***ing liars”

What is clear is that Lindsay obviously knows some information about the LDT, but does not want to discuss it, Tommy on the other hand can not shut up. He even went on to say that the only real question they asked him was about knocking on the door the night that Haleigh Cummings disappeared. Lindsay snapped back “And you couldn’t even tell the truth about that”.

Lindsay repeatedly tells Tommy to shut up, “We don’t want this out there”, she is obviously referring to the fact that the conversation is being recorded.

It is very clear that Lindsay  is absolutely at the end of her tether. The subject of knocking on the door seems to be eating Lindsay alive.

I am genuinely surprised that other media outlets have not leapt on this particular tape. Of all of the Jail house conversations I have listened to this is undoubtedly the most explosive.

You guys can be your perfect incestuous family

Link to Tape

Simon Barrett

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