Against her lawyer’s advice Misty Croslin decided to take a trip to NYC and appear on the CBS early show. What she felt she had to gain from national coverage is anyones guess, but the result is, Misty once again has no legal representation. Her appearance on the CBS Early Show came as no surprise, it is more a question of motive?

First Coast News reports:

Cummings will no longer be represented by Putnam County attorney Robert Fields. He says he feels he has “navigated her through the most difficult parts of this matter,” and he “wishes her well.”

Fields advised Croslin-Cummings not to go to New York for the nationally televised interview Friday morning.

From this simple statement you can gain much.

Misty Croslin has much to learn, but at 17 years old, who does not?

I was talking to an author yesterday who happens to be an attorney. We were talking about life in general, and the subject of Haleigh Cummings did not come up. He did however say something that hit a chord. Clients that ignore legal advice are destined for a bad result.

Misty Croslin may be too young to realize the severity of the situation she finds herself in. My sources, and they are very strong sources, are still saying that Misty is not the culprit, but she knows way more than she is saying.

The longer this case continues, the stranger it becomes.

A fine example of that statement is Misty’s new ‘well heeled’ friend Donna Brock. She has ties to Tim Miller’s TES organization, and Tim himself admitted that he has given money to Donna to pay for Misty’s vacation.

I thought Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch were involved with missing people, not trying to beat the Make A Wish Foundation!

No doubt this subject will crop up on tomorrows radio show

In fact we learned quite a lot on last weeks program.

Of equal interest is what Ronald Cummings is doing. I suspect that after his last ‘Miss Nancy’ show he needs to find another outlet. It was pretty clear that even Miss Nancy, his biggest supporter, was getting just a little ticked off.

When talking Atom Bombs, and Atomic Energy in general there is a term ‘Critical Mass’. The search for missing Haleigh Cummings has reached that level.

For those that actually cover the story rather than slam those that do, I applaud you!

Simon Barrett

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