With it being Mothers Day I was unsure as to if we should even run a radio show, many people had commitments, and two of our regular panelists had already said they could not make it. But there was a part of me that said ‘Just do it’, so we did!

On the panel we had Jan Barrett, and Ms Pickles. BNN is relatively small in the news world, we are no CNN or Fox but we care, and one of the things that is beginning to emerge is that where we used to just regurgitate other organizations news, we are now part of the whole news process. We had two very special guests on the program, and Jan and I want to thank them immensely.

William “Cobra” Stuabs is a private investigator and bail bondsman that is financing his own investigation into the Haleigh Cummings case, he is no ones fool, and has managed to create quite a stir in Putnam county. Cobra has shaken the trees, he most likely has upset a few people along the way, but he is dedicated to resolving the case. If you see Cobra heading your way, talk to him, he is a nice guy, and he can help. Cobra goes where law enforcement fears to tread!

Our second special guest was Art Harris, Art has been in the news business since most of you were in diapers, he has two Emmy awards under his belt from his 14 years with CNN. He was one of the journalists ’embedded’ with the troops in Iraq, he was part of the team that followed the Olympic Bomber hunt, and he is a reporter with the utmost integrity. Art is still a frequent contributor on CNN and HLN, he also runs a very active web site artharris.com.

Todays show was interesting to say the least.

There has not been much new news released about the Haleigh Cummings case by authorities. There could be a couple of reasons, they see what is happening with the Caylee Anthony story, and do not want the press circus. Or they are genuinely at a loss. I am not sure where Jan and I stand, there are indications that there is movement, there are also indications that this is going to become a cold case, colder than absolute zero!

One of the main players is now step mom Misty. Both of our guests pointed out that the police had now interviewed her 10 times, and they still do not have a clear picture of the time line.  Both Cobra and Art have been trying to figure this out. Both agree that the last official sighting of the little girl was at 3pm, there are verifiable witnesses. The Police were called at 3am the next day. This leaves a 12 hour window.

What happened during those missing 12 hours?

Jan and I were very skeptical of the idea that a stranger could enter the home and abduct the child from the same room as Misty. Over the years Jan and I have spent some time in trailers, and I cannot think of one that did not creak and groan when you walked around. Interestingly enough Cobra had a different take, he has been in the trailer, it has thick carpeting and apparently does not squeak and groan.

There is also the question about that concrete block that was used to prop the door open. My jaw dropped when he told an anecdotal story. This was data that I had never heard before, and it is very thought provoking.

Art Harris is a seasoned reporter, and a well respected one, he will not publish unless he has double and more likely triple checked the facts.

Both Art and Cobra are committed to the cause. Both are going to do their best to keep this story alive.

If you are reading this and have information about this case, let one of us know, it does not matter who, this is not a race. None of us need, or want bragging rights, we want a resolution. As Cobra put it, buy a $20 disposable phone and he will pick the little girl up. No questions asked. Or set up a Hotmail email account and send me a message, I will get it to Cobra.

Jan and I were invited down to assist Cobra, but unfortunately we had to decline, Jan has to wash her sons clothes, and who would look after my new garden? I wish I had the resources to help on the ground. I wish that Jan and I could write a $50,000 check. Nothing would give me greater pleasure. But we can not, in fact we have become so bogged down in this and other cases that we are in the same situation. I have to work on some paying jobs tomorrow, otherwise Jan and I will be living in a tent!

If you do have that fat bank account, here is the address, both Jan and I have a good feeling about Cobra, he is one of the increasingly shrinking population of good guys.

Case Closed Inc
P.O. Box 267967
Weston, FL. 33326

You can listen to the whole show here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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