This case has been giving Jan and I sleepless nights for months. How does a five year old child disappear into thin air? Sure the magic shows in Las Vegas do it all the time, but the person made to disappear is brought back after a few seconds.

Haleigh Cummings is still missing, it is now three months since her disappearance. Many in the Mainstream Media have moved on to new stories. There are a few of us however that will not let this story die, and today we managed to get all of the front line reporters and investigators around the same table.

I was expecting fireworks, and indeed the show should have been broadcast on July 4th!

From BNN, we had Simon and Jan Barrett, joined by Ms. Pickles. From Justice Interrupted, crime writer and author Denny Griffin.

Art Harris is a double Emmy winning Journalist .

TJ Hart is a reporter, and also the news director for The Sky 97.3.

And last but by no means least William “Cobra” Staubs, Bail Bondsman and Private Investigator.

When it comes to the Haleigh Cummings case this is the biggest fire power anyone could assemble. (Nancy Grace eat your heart out!).

There are numerous theories as to what went on in this case. All of us buy into some of the so called facts, and some of us buy into some other ideas. Those we would prefer to keep a lid on for the time being.

The question I keep asking myself is why are the Police being so reticent to offer information? Are they close to a resolution, or are they a million miles from it?

You can listen to the entire show here, I will say this, there are some subjects that crop up that should give you some pause for thought.

We also put out a general message, we in the press are not bad people. We are just looking for answers. So we offer an open invitation to Ronald Cummings, his new wife Misty, and any of the other main characters, contact us, talk to us.

Jan and I are covering several stories, they are all heartbreaking, they all make us cry. Even though we are not in Satsuma we feel as close to this case as anything we have covered before. We would like to give special mention to Ms. Pickles who has spent countless hours on this story. She has helped us keep this story in the spotlight.

To quote Cobra “If you have this child, drop her off at the local fire station, ring the bell and run like hell”.

Cobra won’t come after you, he has told us time and time again, all he wants is this little girl back. In fact I’ll up the ante, call TJ, call me, call Art Harris, drop BNN an email. We are not after blood, all we are after is the safe return of a five year old girl.

If you are scared, we understand that, find a pay phone and call one of us, or go to WalMart and buy a $20 disposable cell phone, or spend $2 at an Internet Cafe and email us.

I know I can speak for everyone that joined us on the show, we don’t care the why or the how, we just want the little girl found alive and well.

For this case to disintegrate into the cesspool that the Caylee Anthony case has become would be awful. So if you know something about Haleigh Cummings get on that damn phone and call the authorities, or one of us.

None of us are looking for fortune and fame, we just want this story to be resolved.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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