Another interesting 90 minutes. I suspect that some of today’s program will make it to the MSM in the morning! How fitting that it will also be the 6th birthday of Haleigh Cummings. Haleigh, if you get to read this, enjoy the cake, and I can guarantee that BNN will buy you many more!

Our panel included TJ Hart, William Cobra Staubs, Pickles, and of course the Barrett clan.

We had a special guest this week, Leonard Padilla. While he has not been an active part of the search for Haleigh Cummings, he was a very active part of the search for Caylee Anthony. I do know that he has been watching the case unfold. He is also very well informed.

It was announced on Friday that Mark NeJame and Tim Miller had decided to become involved with the search for Haleigh. I have some reservations, my wife and I take a different viewpoint. Are we right? I do not know. Our mission is to inform, not frustrate.

The question in my mind, and it has been there for many months, is Tim Miller all he says he is?

I had heard some scuttlebutt, but it is easy to make enemies in this brave new world of the internet! I have made many, the question remains, is a $5 or $10 contribution going to help?

It was not till the end of the program that Tim Miller entered the story, but it is worth listening to. This might just want to make you rethink your next contribution! This might not make BNN popular, but one has to report it as it is told.

Do I believe Leonard and Bill? Well let me say this, I have never known either of them to lie to me. They have no reason, likewise I have no reason to lie to them.

I know we lost our live listeners at a vital point, the good news is that the entire show can be listened to here.

Update: I have read the comments with interest. I would suggest that people re-listen to the show. At no point did I say anything bad about Tim Miller. I merely asked the question, was it better for people to spend $5-$10 on school supplies, or would that money be better spent supporting Tim Miller and Equusearch?

The views of our guests and callers, are exactly that! – Simon

Simon and Jan Barrett

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