I don’t mess in the world of BOMBSHELL, Exclusive, or Breaking News. I leave that for other people. I mess in the world of trying to figure out what is going on. The last set of jail house tape were released several weeks ago. It is one thing having a DVD in your hand, and a different thing having something available online. The last set of three DVD’s contained a file that was fighting back. I played with it a couple of times and made the choice to move on. Yesterday I decided to throw everything I had at it. Three computers, three different operating systems, and hell knows how many different pieces of software, we have a version of the audio.

It is a conversation between Tommy and his wife. It comes from the time that he had blinkers on that the jail system was recording him.

Without question this is the tape that everyone needs to listen to.

Lindsey: They tried to tell Chelsea that you were smoking crack

Tommy: F##k them damn detectives

I don’t smoke no damn crack I take pills

L: They talk about you doing powder too

T: F##K them

when did they say that

L: they tol.. I don’t know it was the other day

T: oh well f##k them I don’t care what they say

I love you

L: <inaudible>

Good save tom, good save

T: Well it is, I don’t do that kind of shit

I done coke in the past yea. But it aint my drug of choice,

I like pills,

If I am going to spend my money on drugs, I am gonna by some pills

L: Quit getting mad you can tell cos you start doing this

Tommy the innocent then launches into some Biblical references, the importance of his Drivers license, his birth certificate, blah blah.

T: Misty covering for her old man.

She is so stupid, I don’t want anything to do with her no more, all this trouble she has brought on this family

L: She needs some help.

T: Ever since she got with ronald man

L: I don’t know if she thinks this is a game.

Tommy: I think its what Ronald told us, thats what happened.

Now he is kicking himself in the ass cos he told

Now its probably too late

Now they know if they give the kid up they are f##ked. But the police don’t want to hear that.

I think she is covering for somebody

Ouch, ouch, ouch. All I can say is listen this yourself. It is not pretty, it is what it is.


Simon Barrett

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